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  • Bulgarian cucumber

    Bulgarian Cucumber

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    Ingredients for a jar of 1 l: – medium sized cucumbers; – 1 small onion; – 1 clove of garlic; – 5 boabe piper negru; – 4-5 bay leaves; For fish (1/2 the): – 2 teaspoons salt; – 4 teaspoons..

  • castraveti crocanti

    Crispy cucumber

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    Ingredients for a jar of 3 l: – 1.5 kg medium cucumber; – 1 carrot, – 2 cepe; – 1 Căpăţînă of usturoi; – A radish leaf, red currant and yanda; – 1 bay leaf; – 1 umbrella of Marar; – ..

  • Chicken Salad with dried plums

    Chicken salad with dry prunes

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    Recipe ingredients: – 2 pieces chicken breast cooked; – 100 g prune uscate – 250g dwarf conservat; – 2 oua fierte; – 100-150 g cascaval tare – 1 ceapa roșie – mayonnaise to taste. How do I prepare? Chop onion..

  • cornulete

    Croissants with cherry confitures

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    Tender, easy to prepare and ideal for morning tea. They usually cook cream when I left and I can do with it. Aluatul the pastrez the rece is the Prep chef cand am, and sweetness take the pantry that not one bread Pope. Ingredients..

  • Countertop near perfect for cakes

    Countertop near perfect for cakes

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    How do I plictisisem of the classic sponge, I wanted something new, more particularly and easy preparation. There are specialist at tops, but that I did in the first. I liked and now il spaghetti whenever I have the chance. Ingredient: 1 lingura miere; 2 tablespoons..