How should be booties for babies?

Newborn knitted booties

Booties are the first shoes that should protect them from the cold and legs traumas and last but not least is footwear from soft shoes for the first șoseluțele made from a more solid texture.

papucei tricotati nou-nascutiMost of the time the parents are of the opinion that the baby does not need shoes until the moment when you start to walk or to sit in funduleț. Only after the age of 6 months, When the child starts to go to bușilea, to rise and later begin to go, booties are a must. I totally agree with this decision, but isn't it nice to see a pair of legs and shoes for newborn babies, It's nice and legs at the same time they are always încălțate something călduț.

How should these shoes?

  • Booties must have a correct form and aesthetics;
  • Must be crocheted, knitted so little fingers not be tightly glued when ii încalță;
  • It is desirable to be made with fewer seams. If you have seams, they must be well handled;
  • The tricotează wire is desirable to be natural. You can successfully use a special acrylic designed for children that do not cause allergy;
  • The thread must be resistant to as many washes;
  • When the child begins to learn to get up and go, It is desirable to choose shoes with soles of a material that does not slip.
  • If you have booties, and accessories, It is necessary that before încălța his baby be checked how well they are sewn. UCM should be sewn accessories, because the child may break off with ease and can put them in guriță.

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  • Details about how I could achieve in photography booties

    Cristina 2 February, 2015 6:07 pm
  • Booties is tricoteaza exactly like those outlined on page 76 – Shoes for newborn babies (those on the Green, Yellow),

    Nina 3 February, 2015 9:35 I

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