Melcisori with gray

Melcisori with gray

Melcisori cu magiunIngredients for 25-30 melcusori:
400 g faina;
1 or;
1 ling zahar;
1 ling miere;
1 ling suc lamaie;
2 ling unt ( can be replaced with oil or margarine);
100 g lapte;
1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate.
PUTINA sare.

For the filling: Jam or marmalade.

Milk is heated less. Beat eggs with sugar. Pour over other ingredients. Baking is extinguished with lemon juice. Knead dough, adding warm milk, for 8-10 minutes until it detaches from the fingers. Let the refrigerator 1-2 hours.

After it has been odhnit, roll the dough into a quarter-inch thick sheet that stretches over a layer of jam. Sheet roll, and the roll obtained cut 1 cm wide slices.
Discs are baked for 20 minutes. In the first 10 minutes to fire strong, after moderate heat.

Over disks cooled sprinkle powdered sugar.

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