Mackerel under suba

Mackerel under suba

Scrumbie sub suba

Mackerel is a quite appreciated in many countries. Sarata, less salty, marinated in all sorts of sauces this product is finding its way into everyday rational, be on holiday table. We suggest several delicious recipes with mackerel.

– 2 scrumbii;
– 2 boiled red beets;
– 2-3 cartofi fierti;
– 1-2 morcovi fierti;
– 2-3 oua fierte;
– 2 mere;
– 150 g maioneza.


Herring in Suba

Mackerel skin clean, bones and cut into cubes. Potatoes, beet, big carrot and pass through a grater with larger teeth. On the plateau sits ingredients in floes: beet, carrot, potato, sea, herring and then again in March, potato, carrot and beet. Each icicle drizzle with mayonnaise. I shall dasalatei desired shape and brush with mayonnaise all around. Garnish to taste. Eggs can enter in the salad or can be used for decoration.

Salad with herring

– 1 medium sized mackerel;
– 250 g cartofi fierti;
– 1 beetroot boiled,
– 2 mere;
– 1 CEAPA;
– 1 pah nuci pisate;
– 2 cucumbers (fresh or pickled depending on the season);
– 2 oua fierte;
– 6 ling maioneza;
– 2 ling the ulei Masline.

Herring bone clean, skin and entrails and cut into small pieces. Potatoes, beet, apples, Finely chop onions and cucumbers. Mix the mackerel, plus ground nuts, mayonnaise and olive oil. Finely chop the boiled eggs. Can decorate them or inserted into lettuce salad with other ingredients. Place salad on a platter and garnish as you like.

Lithuanian salad with herring

– less salty herring;
– 10-15 prune uscate;
– 2 medium onions;
– 1 carrot;
– Oil;
– mayonnaise.

Prunes are scalding, then cut julien. Mackerel skin clean, bones and entrails and cut into cubes. Cut onion into rings, and pass grated carrot. Cook onions and carrots in a little oil until tender. Drain remaining oil and let cool. Mix all components and tinker with mayonnaise to taste.

Danish salad with herring

– 300 g scrumbie;
– 450 g Fasol verde (pasta);
– 400 g cartofi;
– 150 g maioneza;
– 60 g ceapa;
– 1 ling otet 3%;
– Salt;
– Green (parsley and dill).

Boil potatoes peel and cut into thin slices. Wash beans cut small pieces and boil in water with salt and vinegar. Finely chop onions. Mackerel skin clean, bones and cut into small pieces. Mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Orneza with green salad.

Norwegian salad with herring.

– 1 large mackerel;
– 4 oua fierte;
– One leg green onions;
– 10-15 black olives;
– Red caviar (each half a teaspoon per serving).

For the sauce:
– 75-100 g mashed potato;
– 50-75 g maioneza;
– The juice from the lemon half.

Mackerel is clean skin and bones and cut into pieces of 1-1.5 cm width. Cut sliced ​​olives and sprinkle with lemon juice. Green onions cut into pieces of length 2-2.5 cm. Oual pillowcase is Rondele grosile of 1 cm.

Arrange on platter like this:

Level 1 - sauce, Level 2 - egg washers, Level 3- scrumbia, Level 4- sos, Level 5 - sliced ​​olives, Level 6- Green CEAPA, Level 7- red caviar.

Salad with herring and vegetables

– 100-200 g fileu scrumbie;
– 3 cartofi fierti;
– 2 cucumbers (fresh or pickled);
– 1 carrot boiled;
– 1 CEAPA;
– 1 Mar;
– 2 oua fierte;
– 30 g salad verde;
– ¾ PAHs mayonnaise;
– Parsley and Dill Green.

Potatoes, carrot, cucumbers, lettuce, fillet of herring and boiled eggs cut into small pieces. Chop onions, Cut lettuce leaves chopped. The ingredients mix with mayonnaise ¼. Salad plate is placed on mound-shaped, pour remaining mayonnaise, and garnish with pieces of boiled egg, apple slices and green leaf lettuce and chopped.

Potatoes filled with herring and vegetables.

– 1 anchovy fillet;
– 4 cartofi fierti;
– 1 castravete sleep;
– 1 medium size tomato;
– Dill.

For the marinade:
– 1 measurement write Mieres;
– 2 ling zeama of lamaie;
– One lick of olive oil.

Herring fillets cut into cubes and leave to marinate for an hour in a composition consisting of one teaspoon honey, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Cut potatoes in half and scoop them out with a heart.

Catof halves filled with marinated herring with diced tomato and cucumber. Sprinkle chopped dill over stuffed potato halves.

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