Crispy cucumber

castraveti crocanti

castraveti crocantiIngredients for a jar of 3 l:
– 1.5 kg medium cucumber;
– 1 carrot,
– 2 cepe;
– 1 Căpăţînă of usturoi;
– A radish leaf, red currant and yanda;
– 1 bay leaf;
– 1 umbrella of Marar;
– Grains of black pepper and mustard;
– 5 teaspoons salt;
– 10 lingurite old;
– Otet 100 ml of 9%

Carrot and onion cut into slivers. Castravetii to sleep, deletes excess water and they will be cut tops.
On the bottom of the jar 3 l put onion slices, carrot, cloves of garlic, the umbrella of dill, bay leaves, visin, gooseberry and horseradish and a few black peppercorns and mustard.

Cucumbers are placed in the jar. Pour over cucumber hot boiled water and leave for 15 minutes. Then, remove water from the jar. In what adauga se sare, if old otet. Boil water and pour back into borcan.Borcanul cucumber close tightly.

Note:For conservation taking healthy cucumber, fara default, length 8-12 cm.
They will leave in advance in cold water 6-8 hours, during this time the air inside the cucumber will be removed, and will remain crispy cucumbers. In a jar 3 l are required about 100 g seasoning (leaves and berries).
Cucumbers will remain crunchy and aromatic, If the jar with cucumber, immediately after it was closed, It will sit in a baliuta with bottom up and cover with a wet rag and warm over who will pour out every 3 minutes hot water, then increasingly colder.

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  • O rețetă foarte apetisantă 🙂 O să încercăm numaidecât!

    Austin Earley 23 July, 2011 9:03 pm

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