Chicken salad with dry prunes

Chicken Salad with dried plums

Salata din piept de pui cu prune uscate

Recipe ingredients:
– 2 pieces chicken breast cooked; – 100 g prune uscate
– 250g dwarf conservat; – 2 oua fierte; – 100-150 g cascaval tare
– 1 ceapa roșie
– mayonnaise to taste.

How do I prepare?

Chop finely onion and marinate in lemon juice with a pinch of salt, one sugar, a bay leaf and a few grains of black pepper. Breast of chicken, dried plums, egg whites and pineapple cut into cubes. Pass grated cheese. Add mayonnaise to taste and blend all ingredients. Salad garnish at will with mayonnaise,egg yolk through grater, grated cheese, herbs and vegetables.

How do you serve?
Cold, as an aperitif for celebratory meals.

Approximate time of preparation:
30-45 minute

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