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  • the temperature optima of African violets

    African violets keeping conditions. Optimum temperature

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    Usambara, the interest of the African violetei, It is a mountainous region, temperature 20-23 ° С average daily. In spite of his African origin, Saintpaulia prefer a moderate temperature and a place away from direct sunlight..

  • Watering

    African violets watering methods

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    There are several methods of watering African violets, and choosing one of them depends on many factors. There are the following methods of watering: watering the plant top; plant watering down, in farfuriuta; wetting by immersion; wick watering; ..

  • correct watering African violets

    Watering parma violets

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    Main requirements for watering: Saintpaulia is a plant that has its origins in tropical forests. In the natural environment, African violets grow outdoors, in a soil afanat, well aerated and constantly wet. The root system of violetei is poorly developed, ..

  • planting African violetelor

    Optimum period of african violets planting

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    Every lover of African violets, own experience, He established a plantation of African violetelor. Depending on the size of the plant, watering method, given that violets grow and develop we recommend planting violetelor..

  • Violet pots

    Pots for violets

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    When choosing pots for planting African violets must keep in mind the following rules: 1. In the natural environment, African violets grow and develop in a small amount of humus, that accumulates in crevices between rocks or..