Harmful Insects for african violets: whitefly greenhouse (Trialeurodes vaporariorum)

trialeurodes vaporariorum

trialeurodes vaporariorumWhite mosquitos (Aleyrodidae) There are some polifitofage insects of small width, dimensions not exceeding 3 mm. In nature there are at least 200 species that have their habitat mainly in tropical and subtropical. In temperate zone, musculite white species of GHGs are relatively few (below 10 ° C it is no longer replicate).
Even so, very few, Once they arrived in greenhouses or closed premises they become pests of ornamental plants and for vegetable crops.

Trialeurodes vaporariorum species representatives, import probably from Brazil, attack and African Violet.
As with fleas, African violets attacked by the white greenhouse white fly you will find rather in greenhouses and specialty stores, than in private collections.

Greenhouse white fly white adult has two pairs of wings are covered with a thick white waxy secretion. The wings are bent in the form of "the roof of the House", the first pair of wings covering completely the second pair. The female lays eggs in groups, It depends on the underside of the leaf and thin leaf stems. After 10-14 days, it the constant temperature of 20-23 Celsius Degree, the eggs hatch larvae, that a plant's surface moves in search of a better place to feed. Finding him they stick tight leaf and begin to feed on the cellular juice. For 10 days, larvae are covered with a waxy secretion and 3 times the shed. After the third shedding, the larvae stop to feed and from this moment begins the period of hibernation. Larval skin hardens and turns into a "Stern false". In stage pupariu insect lives 12 days. Chemical treatment of plants with systemic insecticides at this time does not have the desired effect on the larvae of the stern, which complicate the fight against this insect and needed more chemical plant tratari at regular intervals.

Greenhouse white fly adults, as their larvae, feed with cellular juice. Leaves damaged stain and cad, Herb loses decorativitate, the ofileste and stop growing. Plants get sick of bacterial and fungal diseases, favored by dejectiile musculitei, containing carbohydrates.. The white greenhouse white fly is at the same time, and a spokesman for viral infections of plants.

The white greenhouse white fly is fotosensibila and respond to stimuli such as the wavelength of light. It is drawn in yellow and orange colors. Are controlled, What's right, in a smaller number and only adult insects, If the rooms affected plants will hang from the bridge colored sticky paper traps.
The plant may also be attacked spray with a solution of potassium SOAP (3%) and alcohol (3%), vetricea infusion (Tanacetum vulgare) and bentonite (3% ), nettle extract (1 kg of nettles let soak 12 days in 10 l of water).

In fighting the white greenhouse musculitei, systemic insecticides as Actara, Mospilan, Confidor, Decided, 70WG leader, Talstar 10EC they take effect if the plant is treated several times with one of them every 7-10 days.
Insecticides as Fitoverm, Actofit, Acarin in combination with one of the above increase the insecticides and their effect in the fight against this insect.
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