African violets sfagnum breeding applying the method of wicks watering

fertilizer ideal for watering African violets by a fuse

pui violeta prin fitilFor breeding African violets in sphagnum, applying the method of watering we need fuse:
– sphagnum moss freshly picked and washed;
– disposable cups (180-200 ml);
– a fuse plastic that absorbs water well;
– fertilizer, are ideal from Kemira.

To use can be a mini greenhouse, the offspring of violet leaves and will grow in comfortable conditions. If there is no possibility to manufacture such emissions, its absence will be offset by the evaporation of water from reservoirs and optimal humidity the glass substrate.

On the bottom of the glass to make a hole that will pass wick.
Sfagnum muscle cut into small pieces 2 to 5 cm. Once raised, violet roots pups will easily separate pieces of sphagnum.

After a while, cut peat moss will start to grow and give new twigs. You do not have to worry about, living muscle is endowed with antibacterial properties that prevent stem rot leaves. If peat moss grows in abundance, removes excess muscles.
Prepare a nutritive solution of 0.05% fertilizer Kemira, which will be a source of food and of course the chicken leaf.

The leaves can be rooted in plain water until new chicks.
The wet wick through the hole in the bottom of the glass. The end of the wick in the bottom of the glass beaker placed in a semicircle, other end remains outside.
Deasupa wick of glass cut pieces are placed sphagnum, about 3-4 cm. Can shove a little muscle.
The leaf stem is made an oblique cut, leaving 2-3 cm of the stem of the leaf. The strain can be even longer, in case you can cut rot affected portion.
Leaf stem is placed in sphagnum without touching the bottom of the glass, and cut the leaf stem must be covered with sphagnum.

Ca frunza sa nu cada (conversely if too large or small),violete africane udare fitil This will assist with a special wand (plastic sticks that blend coffee broken or cut in half). It is important not to use wooden sticks, while they rot and infect the leaf.
In the glass it can build them and 2 leaves. Ideally, each leaf to be planted in its glass (if a leaf rot of two, second chance to infect leaf it), offspring will have more space to grow.

If the leaf is too large and does not fit in cup, leaf edges will be cut obliquely (parallel glass walls). Safety, the cut on the leaf will sprinkle a little chopped barbecue charcoal.
Wet sphagnum moss over hot water until the water will trickle on fuse, then fuse the glass of the tank sits.
After 10-14 days, the leaves are used in glass and if will be drawn a little outside will feel a resistance. It's a good sign, It means that the leaf has caught root.

The appearance of the offspring depends on variety and conditions, but usually they occur after 1-3 months. If chickens Valentine did not appear after this period, the leaf to be stimulated somehow – It will cut 1/3 from the top of the leaf or ½ if the leaf is great.
The leaves will prevent air currents, the temperature optima of their development is more than 22 degrees.

Offspring of Valentine will remain in the glass until they reach the age when they can be planted separately (when their height is 1/3 or 1/4 of the height of the mother leaf, or have accumulated quite green in the case of pigment loss).

After the separation of the mother leaf, the leaf can plant again. This will give birth to a new generation of young.
Can violet chicks used in soil or plant can be planted in soil mix (perlite, vermiculit si turba in cantitati egale), applying wick watering method.

For watering the fuse, is also recommended in coco peat substrate, perlite or coconut fiber. Coconut Fiber remain porous even after saturation with water. This allows a better root development and plant. The only condition that has to be washed coconut fiber to be employed before, because it contains many salts.

Substrate of coco peat and perlite is loose, moisture and air flows easily through it, allowing the root system of the plant to grow well and evenly.

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