Ferticare Fertilizers, Ideal for watering with wicks of African violets

African Violet fertilizer

ingrasaminte ideale pentru udarea prin fitil a violetelor africaneFerticare from Kemira fertilizers are perfect not only for vegetable crops, field crops, Lawn plants, but for decorative plants.
African violets reacts to this fertilizer through a lush flowering and uniform development of rozetei.

It is a universal fertilizer, with a rich content of micro- and macro elements essential for plant growth and development.
For African violets are top Ferticare fertilizer 15-30-15, has a high content of phosphorus stimulates flowering and prevents Ferticare 11/25/14 micronutrients deficiency and stimulate the harmonious development of the plant. These two fertilizers can be successfully used for watering through the African violetelor fuse.

Both are water soluble fertilizers. Nutrient solution made from the fertilizer has a pH of 6.5-7 and once used does not increase the concentration of salts in the soil, properties of Violetelor wonder who agree of Parma.
Used in reasonable proportions, plants become more resistant to diseases and infections.
Micro and macro content in% in the two fertilizer:

Basic elementsChemical FormulaContent%

Ferticare 15-30-15

Simple superphosphateP2O530
Potassium oxideK2O15
Magnesium oxideMgO2.5

Ferticare 14-11-25

Simple superphosphateP2O511
Potassium oxideK2O25
Magnesium oxideMgO2.2


For watering the wick will prepare a nourishing solution with fertilizer ingrasamant FerticareFerticare 14/11/25 with a concentration of 0.05 %(0.5 G / 1L separate).
If dissolved in a liter of water 20 grams of fertilizer obtained a nutrient solution with a concentration of 2%. 25 ml of this solution and 5 teaspoons dissolved in one liter of water = nutritive solution with a concentration of 0.05%.

If after watering violetelor left nourishing solution, It can store in a container for a long time, protected from the Sun and children, and the next watering solution will shake (It is possible to form a sediment).

The tanks are filled with water after 7-10 days as the water drops in the tank.
The fertilizers have a low degree of danger (4).
When working with them must comply with the basic rules regarding personal hygiene and safety. During their usage will use rubber gloves.
The blending of Earth at planting violetelor utiilizat watered by wick is poor in nutrients, for this reason it is necessary to use the nutrients that will arrive at the plant through the wick winding around.

The nutrients end up evenly at the plant. The plant is stressed due to the excess or deficiency of nutrients.
Must be kept under observation of the plant health. If the plant grows well, We will not change anything. If the leaves are yellow, While the plant is "thick" will increase the concentration of nutrient substance.

If rozetei can be seen in a sediment-white red, the concentration will decrease.
Amateurs of violet leaves the ground to dry after depletion of nutrients in the tank mix. This is important for those whose African violets are planted in the ground worldwide for decorative plants are watered and used.
Ferticare 15-30-15 and 11/14/25 are provinienta Ferticare Finnish, produced by the company Kemira GrowHow

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  • Where can I buy Ferticare fertilizer for violet?

    Moo Magic 20 November, 2011 7:39 am
  • On the internet or in stores with agricultural fertilizers

    Nina 20 November, 2011 10:12 am

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