Crocheted dress with circular motifs

Crocheted dress with circular motifs

Size: 36-38;
You will need:
400 g soft yarn(100% mercerized cotton, 10 g/400 m);
Crochet no.2.

The diameter of the motif crocheted after scheme no.1st = 13 cm..
Crochet density: 29 stitches x 13 rows = 10 x 10 cm..

Explanation crocheting:
It will be achieved the pattern of the dress in natural size. Crochet a reason after scheme number.1. The reason is easier ironing with iron. If the diameter of the reason does not correspond to the description make corrections or change crochet needle (a number of large and small).Schema 1 rochie crosetata cu motive circulare

For the start crochet the reasons after the circular scheme no.1. Crochet two strips of 6 motifs, and a strip of 5 motifs for the top of the dress.
Each strip will be closed in a circle. Will fill the space between reasons, crocheting 'fan' shown in scheme No. 1.

On the bottom edge of each strip will be crochet 4 rows with the model shown in diagram no.2. The strips will join together, crocheting on the back of detail by 1 row with slip stitch or will sew accurately.
The middle strip is going to merge with one of the top by folding a little bit of the edge of the strip in the middle.

On the edge of the upper lower strip will crochet circular 4 rows after the diagram no.2 (= 60 reports) and it will continue with the pattern from diagram no.3 = 30 reports.Schema 2 rochie crosetata cu motive circulare

After 11 cm crocheted, round reasons will be distributed symmetrically from the vertical line at the center of the dress (see pattern). Crocheted part for bust will be divided in the following way: front side = 14 reports, back side = 14 reports, and for the neckline and sleeves will be left by 1 report between details.

Further each side will be crochet separately.
For neckline on back side, will leave 6 reports from center and each side will be crochet separately with 16 cm more from the sleeve.

The neckline on the front will be achieved after 4 cm crocheted, it will leave 6 reports from center and each side will crochet separately 12 cm more from the neckline sleeve.

It is realizing the seams on the shoulder line.
On the edge of the neckline and the armholes are going to crochet the 2nd row from diagram no.2.

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