Crocheted tunic dress

Crocheted tunic dress

Size: M;
You will need:
400 g black (100% cotton, 330 m/50 g);
Circular crocheted needles no.1.5, and no.2.5;

Explanation crocheting:

It will be achieved the pattern of the dress in natural size.
The dress will crochet from collar down after the scheme no. 1.
With the circular crocheted needles nr.1.5, crochet a chain of 200 stitches. The chain is closed in a circle. It will crochet after scheme no.1 , 10 reports.

Further it will crochet after scheme no.2, realizing the widening of the detail on the base of the stitches you added.Schema rochie tunica crosetata
After 14 cm crocheted from the first row, the crocheted stitches detail is divided into 4 parts (front side, part of the back, and two sleeves), fixing 1 marker between the parties.

In the next row will be crochet circularly, only the stitches of the front and the back. At the armpits will crochet a chain of 20 stitches.

Further it will crochet without the additions of stitches, alternating between the patterns shown in the diagram, until the desired length of the dress.Schema snur omida

The sleeve: It will crochet starting with the pattern from diagram no.1 circular. The patterns from diagram no.1 and no.2 will alternate, until the sleeve will be of the desired length.
The collar will be finished with two rows of single crochet.
For the belt, with the circular crocheted needles nr.2.5 crochet a piece of string- caterpillar, length: 2.5 m (see diagram # 3). The yarn should be in three.

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