Sweater - bolero

Sweater to sweater for the summer

Size: 36/38 (40/42);
You will need:
350 (400) g orange yarn (67% cotton,, 33% viscose; 158 m/50 g);
Needless No.5;
Circular needless No.5.

The hemstitch pattern:
Circular rows (the number of stitches = 18), will knit according to the scheme. In the scheme are only odd rows, in even rows stitches are knit as presents. The report is repeated. The rows 1 to 32 are knitted once, after that rows 1 to 18 once again = 50 rows.

Knitted density:
18 stitches х 29 rows = 10 x 10 cm., knitted with lazy point;
18 stitches х 25 circular rows. = 10 x 10 cm knited with the hemstitch pattern.

Knitting explanation:
This sweater – bolero is knit in two threads. Will knit each sleeve part, then, with circular rows, will knit the front and rear, including the sleeves in a piece of work.
The sleeve: it cast on the knitting needles 50 (58) stitches and is knitting with lazy point (all stitches will be knit front in the rows on the front side and purl on the back of the work).
After 20 cm = 58 knitted rows from the first row, the stitches are let on a helpful knitting needle.schema pulover bolero de vara

Front and rear side: On the working knitting needle take 50 (58) stitches of the sleeve 1 and knit front, cast on 58 (68) stitches, 50 (58) stitches of the sleeve 2, which will knit front = 216 (252) stitches. Stitches are closed in circle.
It is knit with lazy point (alternating, 1 row with all the stitches purl and one row with all stitches front).
After 3 cm = 9 circular rows from the first row, it is going to continue on with hemstitch pattern, shown in the diagram = 12 (14) reports. The stitches will be divided in such a way, so, in the middle part of the front and rear shall be distributed one report and by 5 (6) reports after it.

After 19 cm = 48 circular rows (22,5 cm = 56 circular rows) from the changing patterns of knitting, I mean, in the row 17th (25) of the scheme, there will be no yarn overs. In this way, in the report of the model will decrease by 2 stitches = 192 (224) stitches.tipar pulover bolero de vara

For collar, after 20 cm = 50 circular rows (23,5 cm = 58 circular rows) from the change of the pattern will knit with lazy point. In the first circular row decrease uniformly 22 (26) stitches = 170 (198) stitches, then in every 2nd row, will decrease uniformly 4 times with 20 (24) stitches = 90 (102) stitches.
When the collar shall measure 3,5 cm = 10 circular rows, with the yarn in 4, it will close the remaining stitches, as purl stitches.
It carries out the side seam of the sleeve.

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