Crocheted blouse with rhombus pattern

Crocheted blouse with rhombus pattern

Size: 34-36;
You will need:
500 g white yarn (100% cotton, 180m/150 g);
Crochet no. 3.

Elastic embossed:
Row 1: Single crochet or double crochet;
Row 2: Single crochet or double crochet. On their execution, crochet is inserted under the stitches of the previous row, through the front or through the back of their.
It will make a pattern from the raised stitches and flat stitches.

Explanation crocheting:

schema bluza crosetata cu model rombThe front and the back part will crochet the same. Crochet a chain of 182 stitches and crochet rhombus pattern shown in the scheme, until the length of detail will measure 56 cm.

Then, on top of the detail will crochet 2.5 cm elastic embossed.
It will achieve the seam on the shoulder line.
The neckline will be on those 22 cm from the center of the detail.
Side seams are carried out.
Neckline sleeves will be done on 21 cm down from the shoulder line.
Neckline sleeves and the bottom edge of the blouse will finish with 2.5 cm elastic embossed.

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  • They are all very beautiful, Thank you for sharing them, Blessings

    Olivia 21 October, 2020 7:17 pm

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