Poncho and beanie in shades of blue

poncho and headpiece in shades of blue

poncho si caciulita in nuante de albastruSize: 56/62; 68/74; 80/86.
Materials needed:
– 100/150/150 many g wireless light lilac color, blue, blue and purple (100% poliamid, 60m/50g);
– 50 g white wire (50% poliamid, 25% wool, 25% poliacril, 66m/50g);
– Knitting needles no. 4, 5, 6;
– Two buttons.

Thread density: Ochiuri 12 x 20 = 10 x 10 cm randuri.

Rear: Mount on needle no. 6- 25/33/38 wire mesh light lilac and purple color. Between mesh edge point will be knit jersey. Each square foot of a certain color will be knit with Clew separately, to change the color of the wire, the wires will be incrucisa on the inside of the paper.
After 15/18.5/20.5 cm from the first, on top of color lilac will open knit with blue thread, and above the purple square will be knit with thread color blue.
After 31/37/41 cm from the first mesh is close.
The front: you will knit as the back.
schema poncho si caciulita in nuante de albastru_senpolia
Finishing: Shoulder seam is achieved as at 23/26.5/16.5 cm distance and left shoulder at 11.5/18/21.5 cm distance from the outer rim. On the back will be done two lacing at 2.5cm and 5cm distance from left shoulder seam. The passage from one color to another will be sewn with white thread (yarn in two) applying stitch "over the edge" 2 mesh and 2 rows. Is sewn buttons.

Mount on needle no. 4 light blue wire mesh and knits 42/46/50 4 cm point semielastic (1 knit stitch, 1 purl stitch), Finally adding 0/2/2 mesh. Then, with no needles. 5 will point jersey knit mesh edge between, 4 cm purple wire, 4 inches with light lilac color thread and these blue wire mesh.
After 8/9/10 cm from the end of the beaded headband on both sides (1)×1 eye and every 2nd row 1 x 1 and 1 x 2 eye eyelets. The rounding of the edges will be achieved and inner ronjurirea, ending 2 stitches in the center and both sides will knit separately. Every 2nd row from the inner edge will end 1 x 1 and 1 x 2 mesh eye.
Dupa 11/12/13 cm of the bentita, the stitches remaining ends.
Finishing: Stitch the back and above the caciulitei. For the two outer unchiuri will fix each one tassel made of white thread.

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