Hemstitch white beret

Beretta ajur albums

bereta ajur albaHead circumference: 54 cm;

Materials needed:

– 75 g white wire (80% wool, 20% casemir, 175 m/50 g);

– Knitting needles no. 2,5, knitting needles no. 3.25;

Knitwear density: Ochiuri 24 x 36 = 10 x 10 cm randuri.

Work description: The beret will knit circular. Mount on needle no. 2,5- 100 ochiuri if inchid in the sought, it marks the place and point elastic knits 3cm (2 front stitches, 2 purl stitches).

It will continue knitting with andrelele No. 3.25 and above all will add spaced 80 mesh = 180 stitches. Continue knitting as planned, tricotandu-1 and turn the circular repetandu-rows is 6 times 2-7. , then you will knit rows 8-26 under the scheme.

schema bereta ajur alba-senpolia

The remaining switch wire mesh work, which shrinks and settles on the inside.

Beret wash and worn on a plate to dry before.

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