Ideal soil for planting Parma Violets – Part 1

Ideal soil for planting Parma Violets

Pamant ideal pentru plantarea Violetelor de ParmaAbout multiplying violetelor African I talked. Let's talk about planting the offspring, rather that he planted on land. How it should be?
In stores find pockets of land more or. Here is the problem. Many earth bags, different types, we choose eventually?

Ideal for violets are mixtures of soil with acid( pH) limits contained in five,5 – 6.5.
A dedicated ground planting violets we find. Instead we can successfully use the universal type such as "Florimo", "FloriSol", "Flowers-Max" etc..

All substrates of land sales are based on mixtures of peat humus plus, river sand, Argila etc. Peat prevail in all mixtures, creating problems throughout our growth and flower development. When the soil substrate dry, it emerges from the pot walls, not absorb the necessary amount of water and is difficult to wet. I managed to get over this obstacle, commercial land mixing with other components. The mixture is bloated, May loose, easily absorbs water and dries a bit harder.

Therefore, 3L a package of "Florimo" add:
– 1 cup of sand - sand river is preferably as large berries. Fine sand tends to make the bottom of the pot does not allow proper oxygenation plant root;
– 2-3 teaspoons of charcoal grill (may be purchased or prepared at home).
– 1 teaspoon of calcium carbonate - neutralizes the acidity of peat;
– 2 dried sphagnum moss mound and cut into small pieces;
1, 5 glass beads or small pieces of polystyrene.
Components can vary. Muscle more or less, no sand- depends on the willingness of each. Instead barbecue charcoal and calcium carbonate are required. All components mix well and see that there are virtually no peat.

In this mixture violets grow fast, rosette flower grow properly, bloom in a short time after planting, of course if proper account is taken of illumination and optimal growth temperature. It is known that in low light and cold places, violets are not as fully developed as mixture I planted it.

One week after planting is desirable that violets were irrigated with warm water the dissolved potassium permanganate few berries. In this way you will eliminate surpluses that can be harmful salts flower, earth will enrich manganese (favor the emergence of freshmen), It makes a small disinfection mixture of Earth and lead to the occurrence of Rust prevention (damaged leaf stems).

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