African violets chimeras breeding using toothpaste with citochinina

violeta myrthe

violeta myrtheCitochininele – are natural growth regulators for plants which stimulates cell division and plant cell differentiation.

Biological effect of citochininelor is the activation of RNA and protein synthesis. This group of hormones increases the level of evaporation, stops the aging process of plants and increase levels of plant resistance against adverse conditions in the external environment.
One of the properties of citochininelor resides in the rozetei Central growth suppression. The phenomenon can be explained as follows: the presence of central mugurelui inhibit the growth of lateral buds. Central rosette plant development depends on a plant hormone - auxin, and central bud is called "apical dominant."

Auxinele, in concentration that accumulates in the central bud, stimulates plant growth center, positioning themselves in the bottom of the central bud, they inhibit the growth of lateral buds. In this way, growth and bud development or central rosette is made with auxin, hormoni total opusi citochininelor.
Removal of central rosette or "apical dominance" induce faster growth of lateral buds violets chimera, care, without pre-treatment with cytokinins, does not increase by itself.

In most, cytokinins are endowed with an effect of 'attraction'. They are attracted to places with a high concentration of the products of photosynthesis, amino, zaharuri etc. For this reason, cytokinins are successfully used for breeding African violets, especially varieties chimera.
From regulates, chicken chimera varieties are propagated by leaves or stems of flower, resulting chimera violets flower color and characteristics are transmitted through the chloroplasts - cytoplasmic inheritance.
As vegetative growth hormone is used 6 - benzylaminopurine. In the years horticultural uses such hormone gel form - KEIKIGROW PLUS. Initial hormonal gel was used for multiplying orchids.

For breeding violets chimera, You can use a hormone cream prepared manually in 100 parts by weight of lanolin and some weight 6 - benzylaminopurine (benzyladenine Aninamor). Concentrate is a cream with a high enough growth hormone compared with the content of cytokinins in plant tissue.
How to propagate violets chimera, utilizand pasta cu hormonal second vegetative?
Cut top and place remained empty chimera violet treated with cytokinins paste. The method is old and recently applied without prior stimulation. But, in this case, can we obtain the appearance of violet is much faster, easier and in larger numbers.

1. Se Taie varful violetei in ASA fel, that the "stump" or strainvarf violeta Ramana Macara healthy planted a rand of Frunze.

2. African violet peak is rooted and plant, obtinand of violeta himera from tanara, identica violet mama cu himera.

3. Fresh cut on the stem violet treated with hormonal pills: or on a pinhead with a toothbrush and a small amount of paste and spread evenly on hormonal fresh cut made.

4. All that remains is to wait for the chickens, that when they reach a size of 4-5 cm will be removed from the stem of the plant and will be rooted in one of the methods presented in this site. Sometimes the number of pups is high enough. It will remove 2-3 will put together and rooted together without being separated from one another.

Puii violetei himera Myrthe:
From cutting tip passed 2.5 months. Some puppies can already be removed from the stem to domesticate.

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