African violets chimeras breeding with floral peduncles

floral stalk chicken

peduncul floral cu puiSometimes fate brings in African violets lovers but a gift "Royal"- a flower-violet chimeras. If Valentine africana has undergone genetic mutations and all its flowers chimeras patter, If you have registered a great success.
This bubble will check in time in terms of their stability, by cutting the tip of the plant and getting the new puppies of leaves. The Cubs obtained will be selected and they, keeping only the offspring of African Violet with clear and definite signs of the mother plant.
If a single mutation affecting floral stalk and got a single flower color chimera, then and this genetic mutation can be tested in time. It daca aveti you putin Noroc, result will be an African violet flowers chimera.

This is done by multiplying the floral stalk mutated gene. If the flower stalk and leaflet found small, then multiplying violet chimera shows no difficulty (for example, soiul Neptune’s Jewels, Lyon’s Crown Jewel etc.)

It only takes a little skill and knowledge regarding this method of multiplication. Things get complicated when the stalks frunzulitile flowers are small and rudimentary and especially if we deal with a motley variety. Such "cuttings" has a low content of chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis. Floral stalk tissues are more delicate than those of a leaf cuttings. Such a stem is very easy to lose.

Therefore, it is more advisable to try raising chickens directly on floral stalk, After that will be cut and planted in the ground. In this case we will use hormonal pills with cytokinins.

Step 1: Choose a floral flower stalk him chimera and leaflet. The head of a pin take a small amount of toothpaste with cytokinins. The amount of hormone pills should be very small, excess of chicken pasta increases the deformed.
pui intre axile
2. In point of starting to grow frunzulitele, is done with a fine needle tip scratch. Scratches will be processed to the amount of hormone pills on the needle. In the picture above it shows a floral flower stalk mutated gene. Picture was made after 2 weeks of treatment with hormonal pills, and between armpits already suggested a chicken little violet.

3. After two or three weeks the buds will appear armpits, who from the beginning as a tiny pea, after which they will be able to distinguish them and frunzulitele. Chicks let rise. On a flower stalk can grow on average 2-5 puppies.

4. When puppies reach 2-4 cm size, they are removed from the floral stalk and is rooted (cu pastila Jiffy -7, sphagnum or a mixture of ground designed for African violets).

5. African violet chimera pups are growing and caring just like all the other chicks, and at flowering to check if they have inherited the mother plant chimeric colors.
Method is quite laborious and requires a long time (from drug treatment to flowering pass more than 1 year). This is because large amounts of the hormone pills that cytokinins inhibit root growth offspring. The concentration of plant hormones in plant tissues is much lower than that of the paste content.

But this method is good and justified where African Violet suffers a genetic mutation interesting that needs to be kept and tested in time. We recommend this method if you have a single or a more valuable and do not want to cut the "top" African violet or purple with genetic mutations is too young.

Comments to African violets chimeras breeding with floral peduncles

  • wonder why you posted! I like very much the experiments, especially natural ones. I wish to try myself but I only 2 very common chimeras that looks like coming out and leaf… have a colored vertical stripe on a petal fold in rest – Pink and blue colors. How it is called paste with cytokines? Is the pt at Orchid keiki?
    I was looking for and I will post pictures of my blooming violets and if you draw any send you wholeheartedly.

    With many thanks,

    alexa 1 March, 2012 12:49 am
  • Hi, Alexa! You can use any hormone pills that favor breeding violets. I tried on Myrthe by May 2011. Am Taiat varful if Plante-am pus in the seemingly inradacinat, and cut the stems and leaves left after I worked with a solution of potassium permanganate few drops of Vita Flora. Over about a month, the remaining leaves were out and chickens – three in number. Now they are young violet (astept VAD Dacca healthy bird breast mostenit plant), and cut the chicken on top and flourished.
    So, methodical than rezultate themselves Fara pasta hormonala. I'll tell you later if offspring have inherited the characteristics of the mother plant, probably through.

    Nina 2 March, 2012 7:55 pm

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