Bootees “Hedgehogs in the forest”

botosei "ariceii prin padure"

You will need:
– Yellow wire, bey, green, rosie, She maro neagra (100 % lana, 400m/100g);
– Croseta nr.2 si nr.3.

Warning! Botoseii will crochet two wires.
Work description:
Outsole: Wired color beige sweater chain mesh 7-8. After, rows 7 feet without a sweater is jeteu, Last crosetandu eyes of each row by 2 feet without the jeteu, 8 rows without additions jeteu feet without mesh, 6 rows feet without jeteu, in the penultimate row of each eye will not croseta no bumbers without jeteu.

From the opposite side of the peak botoselului, will croseta 4 rows picioruse without jeteu, omitting from the end of each row to the last stitch. Will form a sharp peak.
The sole will be circular with 1 row croseta picioruse without jeteu, then it will make a "lift ' crosetand 1 picioruse with jeteu rand.

The front of the botoselului: Will croseta picioruse without jeteu in 3 stitches of the previous row of legs with jeteu, in the place where begins the botoselului peak.Croseta 10 lines will be picioruse without jeteu, uniting the last eye of each row with the eye most of the row above-apropit in a jeteu with a semipicorus foot. Among the 10 are picioruse without jeteu dinpsre croseta part botoselului dos.

Next will be croseta corded circular yellow 2 rows picioruse with jeteu dinpsre the work of dos, in the second row in every second stitch will be croseta picioruse with jeteu 2.
Wired beige, of semiochiurile the beginning and end of the row will crochet lug aricel: will croseta 3 picioruse without jeteu first and 1 foot, without jeteu among 2, rounding them through semipicioruse.

Those will crochet as follows: * 5 chain stitches, 1 semipicorus in last chain stitch, 1 semipicorus in penultimate eye, Repeat from *.
Siret will crochet as follows: 1 of 90-95 chain stitches you will croseta 1 semipicioruse rand.
It cos ochii, nasucul si gura (see picture).

Fragii: Woman crocheting with wire is 1 chain of reds, 4-burners 1 lifting eyes and closes the circle. Next will crochet spiral legs without jeteu. Rows 1-3: 8 picioruse without jeteu. Row 4: each of the 2nd and the 3rd foot, without the croseta together jeteu = 6 picioruse without jeteu. Row 5: Green woman crocheting thread 6 picioruse without jeteu. Row 6: * 3 chain stitches, 1 semipiciorus, It repeated from * to the end of the row.

Fungus: The fungus will croseta hat with Brown thread. Woman crocheting is 1 of 4-chain 1 lifting eyes and closes the circle.
Row 1: 8 picioruse with jeteu;
Row 2: every second eye of the row above it will croseta 2 picioruse with jeteu = 12 picioruse with jeteu ;
Randul 3 si 4: 12 feet with jeteu ;
The yellow wire is going to croseta a circle underneath the palariei of 2-3 times picioruse without jeteu which must correspond with the size of the palariei.
For the wired foot beige woman crocheting 1 chain of the 4 1 mesh eyes and closes the circle. Next will be coiled 4 rows croseta with picioruse without jeteu (= 8 picioruse without jeteu).

Finishing: Botoseii is accesorizeaza with wild strawberries and mushrooms (see picture).

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  • I like much , but I would catch up with filomulet when crosteaza !

    vivi 16 January, 2015 7:37 pm

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