Unisex vest for babies

Unisex vest for babies

Age: 1 an;
You will need:
100 g fir Alize baby cotton (100 g/270 m);
Knitting needles no. 3;
5 buttons.
Helpful kniting needles.

Knitting explanation:
This vest is for both girls and boys, The description is the same, the difference is in the choice of colors and finishing of the cheotors.
The right side of the front will be knitted with a single color thread, the left side in two colors or you can knit them in the same color depending on your imagination.

For the girls' vest, the cheotors will be made on the right front side, for boys on the left front. The first cheotor will be knitted after the 7th knitted row, the next 4 after each of 20th knitted row from the next stitch.
Cast on 44 stitches on needle and knit 92 rows with lazy stitch (or alternating 4 rows with threads of different colors).

In row 93, subtract 16 stitches evenly as follows: 1 edge stitch, * 3 front stitches, 2 stitches together front *, it is repeat *-*, 3 knit stitches.
In row 94 all stitches knit front.
In row 95: 1 edge stitch, * 2 knit stitches, 2 stitches together front *, it is repeat *-*, 3 front stitches = 28 stitches.

Vesta unisex pentru bebelusi

Unisex vest for babies

Further it will knit as follows: 1 edge stitch, 2 lazy point stitches, 22 elastic stitches 2 x 2, 2 lazy point stitches, 1 edge stitch. Knit 60 rows in this way.
Stitches are passed on a helpful knitting needle.
The left front side will knit similarly. Don't forget the cheotors!

The stitches of the front parts are passed on the working needle, placing them facing you.
For the formation of the neckline, between the stitches of the front parts will be mounted on needle another 24 stitches = 80 stitches.

Further it will knit as follows: front side stitches with elastic 2 x 2, and those 24 stitches will be knitted with lazy stitch 4 rows. Then knit 60 rows with all stitches elastic 2 x 2, except for the edge stitches and those 2 stitches at the beginning of the row and the end of the row which will be knitted with lazy point.
Then will knit 92 more rows with lazy point, after that the stitches are closed.

Finishing: Side seams are carried out. Is sewn buttons. As desired, you can crochet different animals, flowers to be sewn on the vest (see picture).

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