Top Trendy

Top Trendy

Size M;
You will need :
110 g Yarn Art Ideal;
Knitting needles no. 4;
4 decorative buttons;
Bust circumference: 90 cm;

The basic model:
Row 1: 1 knit stitch, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 1 knit stitch.
Row 2-5: jersey point.
Repeat rows 1-5.

Knitting explanation:
The top will be knitted as a single detail from the bottom up to the top of the sleeves.
Mount on the needle 180 stitches + 1 stitch for closing in a circle. Stitches are closed in circle, fix 1 marker and knit 5 rows elastic with rice stitch = 180 stitches.

Next knit 2 rows as follows: 40 stitches jersey point, 8 stitches from the center with rice point (until the detail is finished), 132 stitches jersey point. Then, it will continue with knitting the base pattern.

After 28 cm knitted from the first row = 84 rows (5 rows rice point, 2 rows jersey point, 15 basic model reports, 2 rows jersey point), neckline sleeves will be done. The stitches of the knitted detail are divided as follows: fits 1 marker, for the front = 40 stitches basic model, 8 stitches rice point, 40 stitches basic pattern, fits 1 marker, for the back 92 stitches basic pattern.

From both sides of the front part are delimited 4 stitches with 1 marker. Knit circularly as follows: 4 stitches delimited with rice point, 36 stitches with the basic pattern, 8 stitches rice point, 36 stitches basic pattern, 4 stitches rice point, and on the stithes of the back side shall be knitted with rice point. Knit 3 more rows this way, after which the stitches of the back part are close.

Front side: 4 stitches rice point, 2 stitches together front to left, 32 stitches basic pattern, 2 stitches together front to right, 4 stitches rice point. The work is turn, the stitches are knitted as presented, yarn overs as purl stitches. The edge stitches will be knitted as front stitches.

The decrease of stitches will be achieved only in the front rows.
When 11 stitches remain on the work needle, it will be knitted the following way:
Row 1: 4 stitches rice point, 3 stitches together front, 4 stitches rice point = 9 stitches.
Row 2-4: all stitches are knitted with rice point;
Row 3: 1 edge stitch, 2 purl stitches together, 2 knit stitches together, 2 purl stitches together, 1 knit stitch, 1 edge stitch = 6 stitches.
Row 5: 1 edge stitch, 1 front stitch and pass over the edge stitch, 2 purl stitches together, 2 stitches together front = 3 stitches.

The remaining 3 stitches represent the strap and knit with rice stitch 31 cm or depending on the desired length.
The work yarn is cut and fixed to the first stitch in the center of the remaining 4 (from the part where the buttons will be sewn).
The second part will be knitted similarly to the first.

Finishing: The shoulder straps are sew. The top is washed and the 4 buttons are sewn in the middle .

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