Top daisies

Top daisies

Size: 42/44;
You will need:
40 g brown Iris yarn (100% cotton);
300 g white yarn Lidia (50% wool, 50% acrylic);
Crochet no..0.9.
The dimensions of the daisies = 6 x 6 cm.

Explanation crocheting:
Crochet 162 daisies in the following way: Crochet a chain of 8 stitches with brown thread.
The chain is closed in a circle with the help of a slip stitch.
Schema Top Romanite
Row 1 is crocheted with brown thread: 1 lifting stitch, 23 single crochet in the formed ring. The row ends with a slip stitch.

Next, crochet rows 2-4 with white thread, according to the scheme.
Each row will end with a slip stitch.
All the daisies will unite in the last row, according to the scheme and pattern.

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