Buds Hat

Buds Hat

Head circumference: 43 cm;
Height: 23,5 cm.
You will need:
3 hand tools Manos del Uruguay Alegria Grande (75% wool, 25% nylon; 200 m /100 g);
Circular knitting needles no. 3,5 and no.4 of length 40 cm;
Helpful knitting needle.
Knitted density: 26 stitches x 30 rows = 10 cm knitted with needles mo. 4.

Knitting explanation:
The beanie will be knit circular from the bottom up, starting from elastic.
On the needles no.3.5 are cast on 112 stitches. Setting a marker and the stitches are closed in a circle.
It will knit the elastic of the hat in the following way:
Row 1: *[1 twisted knit stitch, 3 purl stitches] x 2, [1 twisted knit stitch, 2 purl stitches] x 4, [1 twisted knit stitch, 3 purl stitches] x 2; repeat from * until end of row.schema caciula muguri

They will knit in this way 7 more rows, After which will continue knitting with knitting needles no. 4.
Then, will be knitted rows 1-12 of scheme no. 1 by 3 times.

Beanie Top:
Will knit rows 1-26 shown in scheme no.2. After knitting row 26, on the needle will remain 8 stitches.
Working yarn is cut, passed through remaining stitches and tighten. The other end is fixed to the inside of the hat.

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