Knitted vest

Knitted vest

Size: 36;
You will need:
200 g Zhivago yarn;
Knitting needles nr. 6;
Crochet no.5.

Knitwear density: 13 stitches x 19 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Central model: It will knit according to the diagram. In scheme are presented only the front rows. In the back rows, the stitches will knit as presents. The rows 1-36 are knitting once, after that it will repeat rows 5-36.
7 stitches twisted to the right: Take on a helpful knitting needle 3 stitches after work, 4 knit stitches, 3 purl stitches from the helpful knitting needle.
Bean: from the stitch marked in scheme is knit 1 knit stitch, 1 yarn over, 1 knit stitch, 1 yarn over, 1 knit stitch. The work is turn – 5 purl stitches, the work is turn - 5 knit stitches, the work is turn – 5 purl stitches, the work is turn – it takes on knitting needle 1 stitch without knit, 4 knit stitches together, the resulting stitch is passed over the one taken.

Knitting explanation:
Back: It cast on needle 45 stitches and knit with jersey point – 30 cm = 58 rows.
In the next front row, for the neckline sleeves, close from both sides by 3 stitches and decreases 1 stitch after and before the edge stitches.
After 48 cm = 92 rows, knitted from the first row, all stitches will close.

Front: Is cast on needle 61 stitches and knit 10 stitches with jersey point, 41 stitches model presented in scheme, and 10 stitches with jersey point.
After 30 cm = 58 rows from the first row, for the neckline sleeves, close from both sides by 3 stitches. In each of the 2nd row, after and before the edge stitches will decrease by 2 x 2 stitches (from the left edge - 3 stitches together front, from the right edge - 3 stitches together front to the right).
After 43 cm = 82 rows, for the neckline, close 11 stitches from center and each side will be knit separately. From the neckline will close 4 x 1 stitch in each of the 2nd row.
After 48 cm = 92 rows closes the 14 remaining stitches for the shoulder line. Part two will knit symmetrically.
knitted vest scheme
Finishing: Is carried out the seams on the shoulder line. From the edge of neckline sleeve is cast on needle 74 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle and knit 6 rows with a jersey point. In the following row, all stitches will close. The same applies with the second sleeve.
The edges of the sleeves, of the neckline and bottom edge will finish with the help of the crochet in the following way:
Row 1: Single crochet;
Row 2: * 1 single crochet in the stitch what follows, 4 chain stitches, 1 treble crochet *, it's repeating *-* until end of row. The row ends with a slip stitch into the first stitch of the row.

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