Dress from crocheted motifs

Dress from crocheted motifs

Size: 36/38;
You will need:
4 balls yarn Camila Linha(100% cotton, 100 g/500 m),
Crochet no.. 1.75.

Explanation crocheting:
Will be realized the pattern dress in natural size and will closely follow wich of the central motifs will crochet or not.

The dress will be crocheted from top to bottom according to the scheme no. 3. It will continue with the motif presented in scheme no. 2, joining him at the same time with the motif crocheted according to the scheme no. 3.
Schema 1 Rochie din motive crosetateTipar Rochie din motive crosetate

On the left side edge of the motif 2 and 3 will be crocheted 34 rows with double crochet (depending on the pattern). Follows a row with the pop-corn and a few rows with double crochet. At the same time will done the neckline and armholes according to the pattern. The same will be done with the right side edge.

Similarly it will be crocheted and the top back part of the dress, after wich it will sew on the edges with the front side, from top, of the dress.
Schema 2 Rochie din motive crosetate
Skirt: Will crochet 4 small central motifs (only detail 1 of scheme no. 1 ). Each central motif will be crocheted around with 2 rows pattern pop corn. The motifs join together on the corners, and the space between them and the top of the dress will be filled with double crochet rows.

It crochet 4 big central motifs (will crochet detail 1,2,3 and 4 of the scheme no. 1). They will join with previous motifs. To equalize the bottom of skirt will crochet double crochet rows on the corresponding edges of the central details.

The neckline, the armholes and the bottom of the skirt will finish with 1 row single crochet.

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