Shrug sweaters for summer

Sweater shrug for summary

Pulover shrug pentru varã spateYou will need:
Thin and soft yarn (cotton + acrylic);
Needless No.2.

How to knit:
Sweater is composed from two details, knitted separately.
The length of each detail is equal to the length from one hand to another, on the bust line.
Will cast on needle an even number of stitches.
Every detail will be loosely knit with the following pattern:
Rows 1-4: Jersey point;
Row 5: 1 edge stitch, * 2 knit stitches together, double yarn over *, it's repeating * – * until the end of row, 1 edge stitch.
In the following row, double yarn over will knit as follows: 1 purl stitch, and the second yarn over will let down from needle, without knit.
Rows 1-5 it's repeating 3 times more, after which is knitting rows 1-4.
In the following row, the stitches are closed easily.

Finishing: Details are sewn on the sleeve line, with the edge of the stitches closed down. Will be applied the seam “stitch in stitch”. Remain not sewn the parties located on the neckline and bust line.
From the edge of the sleeve cast on needle stitches.
Stitches are closed in circle and is knit 5 rows with elastic 1 x 1. In the following row, stitches are closed.
Proceed the same with the second sleeve.

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