Vest with bow tie

vest with bow tie

vesta cu papionA festive vest for a little gentleman.
Age: 6/12/18 months;
You will need:
50 g black yarn;
50 g white yarn;
25 g red thread.
Knitting needles no. 4;
3 buttons.

Knitting explanation:
Vest is knitted from medium thickness according to the scheme. We shall choose a knitting yarn specially designed for children: soft, anti-allergy.
Knitting vest will begin with 3 cm elastic 2×2, then knit according to the scheme.

I will present the scheme for the front face.schita vesta papion
Diagram for back side differ slightly. From neckline sleeves upward, the back side is knit with black yarn.
In row 77, for neckline closes 24 stitches from center and each side will knit separately.
In row 79, from neckline closes each one stitches.
In the next front row (row 81) close the 13/14/15 remaining stitches for the shoulder.

Finishing: From the edge of the sleeve is mount on knitting needle with white yarn a number of even stitches and knit elastic 2×2-1.5 cm, then close the stitches.
The same is done with the other sleeve, and the neckline.
Do not forget to sew buttons (see picture).

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