Dress for girls

Dress for girls

Dress for girlsAge: 2 years;
You will need:
150 g grey Givre3 thread (30% wool, 70% acryl, 25 g/107m);
Knitting needles no. 2.5;
Circular knitting needles no. 3;
Croșetă No. 2.5
3 buttons with a diameter of 14 mm

Knitwear density: 27.5 x 40 mesh rows = 10×10 cm.

Explanation the knit dress:
Rochița will be knit as a single detail from top to bottom.
The work starts at the neckline.
Mounts on andrelele no -133-2.5 and 1 cm tricotează lazy point.
Continue to knit in the round with circular number 3 andrelele model in scheme, in the following way: 1 edge stitch, the first eye before the report, report (the eye 2 eye 11) 12 times, then tricotează 12-21 stitches after report, 1 edge stitch.

After 51 rows knitted modelled schema, the number of stitches will be 263.
Among 52 (back row) will knit as follows: is closes 1 stitch, tricotează is under 32 stitches (half-back side), leave a helpful 67 meshes for andrea sleeve, andrea is mounted on 14 mesh, tricotează is under 63 stitches (front side), andrea is mounted on 14 mesh, leave a helpful 67 meshes for andrea sleeve, tricotează is under 32 stitches (half-back side), 1 edge stitch.

Dress for girls Schema1

Dress for girls Schema1schema 3 rochie tricotata pentru fetite

Dress for girls Schema2

Dress for girls Schema2

Among 53, you will knit the circular 156 remaining stitches in the following way: the last eye of the previous row's pass on the left andreaua and tricotează together with the next 2 stitches. In the center of each reason add 1 eye 2 meshes. The 14 stitches inserted from either side will knit the pattern in the schema (rows 54-82). In their centre will add 1 eye that will represent the central motif. From among 83 will dot Jersey knit.

After the stitches have been enclosed in circle, Add 1 stitch in the center of each reason, in each of the 26-th place, 3 times = 220 mesh.
It tricotează as 24 rows, After that it will knit pattern in diagram no. 2 starting with the first eye chart. Tricotează 8 rows of the chart, after that the stitches are closed.

67 meshes of the tunnel shall be andrelele 2.5. Stitches closed the circle and lazy point 4 rows tricotează, then the stitches are closed. Similarly the second sleeve and tricotează.
Finishing: Along the slit on the back feet are croșetează 1 row without jeteu. On the left side of the opening is done 3 lacing. On the right are buttons in the right cos their lacing.

Comments to Dress for girls

  • Please let me explain what's going on with 14 eyelets added and what it represents in the scheme, (b), (c), (d), and.

    cornelia 21 January, 2015 10:13 most
  • The 14 eyelets added will be included in the knitting pattern presented in rows 54-82.
    To print the letters of the,(b),(c),d and e represent measurements for age 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months.
    Description of the model is to the age of 2 years.

    Nina 23 January, 2015 7:06 pm
  • A very nice model, I'm a beginner, and I would have helped you a tutorial on the video, do you have any suggestions?

    Rahim 13 November, 2019 4:21 pm

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