Pink eyelet dress

Pink eyelet dress

Rochie roz ajurA feminine dress knitted in thin cotton thread. Ideal to be worn in summer.
Size: S – M (L – XL – XXL)
You will need:
7 (8-9-10)the world's yarn Hanks Scilla (100% cotton, 50 g/110 m);
Knitting needles no. 4.5;
Knitwear density: 17 x 26 rows = mesh size 10х10 cm.

Mesh Model:
Row 1: 1 edge stitch, * 2 front stitches together, 1 yarn over*, it is repeat *-*, 1 knit stitch.
Row 2: All stitches purl.
Row 3: It tricotează as row 1.

Knitting explanation:
Back: Mounts on andrea 113 (121-129-137) stitches and is knitting 6 rows with lazy point. Continue to knit 24 rows will be shown in diagram no. 1, 6 rows lazy point. The lazy dot will decrease uniformly 32 stitches.
It will continue with the model of arrangement no. 2, Knitting 40 rows with this model, and from both sides of the pattern will knit to 0 (4-8-2) stitches,
Next 6 rows with lazy point, in the last row by subtracting 8 mesh uniform.
Knit 36 rows will be shown in diagram no. 1, 4 rows lazy point, 2 rows mesh model, 2 lazy point rows and will end with the schema model No. 3 knitting a report vertically.
After 61 (66-71-76)cm from the first row, for the sleeves will be mounted from either side 7 (9-11-13) stitches.
After 77 (83-89-95) cm from the first of all the meshes are closed.Schema rochie roz

Front: You will knit as the back up to the length of 57 (63-69-75) cm from the first row.
For loose-fitting neck will be closed 2-burners in the Center and on each side will be knit separately.
Rascroielii neck edge will decrease 1 stitch in each of the 2nd row 14 (15-16-17) times, 1 stitch every 4th row 3 times.
Sleeves will be carried out to the same length as the back side and in the same way.
After 77 (83-89-95) cm from the first remaining stitches close.

Finishing: The line of the shoulder seam. On the edge of the neck is mounted on the rascroielii andrea 135 (144-154-163) mesh and point rows 7 lazy tricotează, subtracting 1 stitch in each row in both sides of the 3 eyelets in the Center. The shoulder seam line 2.
On the edge of the tunnel shall be fitted on the andrea 79 (85-90-96) stitches , tricotează 7 rows be lazy point, after that the stitches are closed. Just finish and the second sleeve.
The seam of the sleeves and the side seams.

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