Crocheted dress with model scales

dress crosetata with model scales

rochie crosetata cu model solziA special and original dress.
Age: 2-3 years;
Bust circumference: 50 cm;
Necessary Material:
2 Hanks yarn thickness medium separated;
Crochet no. 3.25;

Crocheting explanation:
Skirt: will crochet backward.
It's crochet a chain-length 35 cm. Will crochet after scheme no.1 with legs without jeteu and rows abbreviated.
It will crochet in this way 50 cm (measured by waist circumference).
Sew side edges.

Top side: It crochet one circular row single crochet.
Detail stitches are divided into two: the front and rear side.schema 1 rochie crosetata model solzi
The front: The number of stitches must be even: 6 1.
It will crochet conform diagram nr.2-12 cm;
From both sides, for the shoulders will crochet by one report with a length of 1.5 cm.

Back: Stitches back part will crochet after diagram no. 2-13 cm.

Sleeve: It's crocheting a chain of length 30 cm (number of stitches even, It splits on 6 without rest).
schema 2 rochie crosetata model solziThe chain is closing in circle and crochet conform diagram no.2 from row 2 = 7 rows of scales.
At same time, from both sides it will decrease half report scales 2 times.
Similarly it will crochet the sleeve 2.

Foothills dress. it is crocheting a chain equal to the circumference of the bottom of the skirt. Number of stitches chain must divide to 6.
The chain is closing into circle and crochet after scheme no.2 - 5 rows of scales. The detail is sewn on the bottom edge of the skirt.
Finishing: Makes seams details.

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  • Thanks so much.

    Aurelia 23 February, 2017 8:34 am
  • I do not understand very well.
    They could make a video?

    Marisa 4 December, 2017 5:32 pm

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