Mixed dress

Mixed dress

Mixed dressAge: 1-2 years;
You will need:
-100 g Speck Nako! (100% premium acrylic micro, 100 g/230m);
Knitting needles no. 4;
Crochet no. 3;
3 buttons in the shape of a flower.
For the skirt:
Cotton fabric desired length,

Knitting explanation:
The knitted: Will be knit from the top down.
Andrea is mounted on a mesh and tricotează 79 3 lazy point rows.
In the next front row, stitches are divided in the following way: 7 stitches lazy point, 8 stitches jersey point (front part), yarn over, 1 knit stitch, yarn over, 10 stitches Jersey point (the sleeve), yarn over, 1 knit stitch, yarn over, 25 point mesh Jersey (back side), yarn over, 1 knit stitch, yarn over, 10 stitches Jersey point (the sleeve), yarn over, 1 knit stitch, yarn over, 8 stitches jersey point (front side), 7 stitches lazy point.

The following dos will knit as follows: 7 stitches lazy point, all the stitches inside to last 7 stitches, 7 stitches lazy point.
Will knit in this manner, Add eyelets from both sides of the sleeves after the No. 1 until the length of detail will measure 9 cm.
Sketch the Dress combined
On the left side, you will knit 3 lacing (3 lazy point stitches, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 2 lazy point stitches). The first will be achieved in turn 4, and the other two at equal distances from one another.

After 9 cm knitted of at first, It will continue with point 1 cm and with Jersey point yet lazy 5 cm.

Finishing: On the edge of the tunnel shall be mounted on a mesh Patty = 2 edge stitches x * 4 3 eyelets. You will knit 10 rows after the No. 2, then the stitches are closed.

Is sewn buttons. Sew fustița. Fustița is foreseen, and with a band entered the police car games. Fustița is sewn from the bottom edge of the knitted part. Enter police car games.
The neckline and bottom edges of the knitted part will finish with croșetei: * 3 chain stitches, 2 feet with jeteu in the following eye, be skipped next 2 stitches, a foot in the next stitch, Repeat from *.

Comments to Mixed dress

  • Hello, I found this dress and I love super much, but I do not understand the diagrams, the first diagram is jeteuri and does not decrease at all???
    understand that it's a jeteu
    v edge
    – esteochi dos
    the little square black is eye girl?
    Thank you if you can help me

    violet 4 September, 2014 1:49 pm
  • Hi, Valentine!
    In the diagrams presented, there are downfalls of meshes.
    In the schema number 1, stitches in knitting include added manecilor and front and rear parts.
    In the schema number 2, that is for the manecilor, become imbedded meshes based on jeteului, make marginuta more voluminous.
    The little square black eye is missing, do not take it into account when tricotezi scheme.

    Nina 10 September, 2014 11:06 pm
  • Hello. Nice please tell me if AMR with jeteu actually means double the Dodo ? I have never met this mg know where that comes jeteu,and I think that connection is Nob Nob simple….. Please the soul , write to me when you have time.
    Thousands of thanks

    viorica August 6, 2017 1:06 pm
  • Good morning!
    Nob with double jeteu = bumbers
    Ronson touch = foot which unites beginning and end of the same row.

    Nina 8 August, 2017 8:07 am
  • Buna Seara… I do not at all exits from the neck finishing , the croseta… I do not understand why not do it right. to you look like a fine picture ghipur lace, to me it comes out something like a rounded petal flower…. It doesn't look at all like the dv. can anyone help me with a video ? happy thing

    viorica 5 September, 2017 1:06 am
  • Hello!
    Maybe it's thicker thread. Description is ok. Try a little more tightly crocheted copper and reduce arcade, instead of 3 mesh crocheted copper chain 2 skip 1 eye. Try these variations.
    The quality of finish depends on a lot of thread, technique, the lightness with which you work.

    Nina 19 September, 2017 9:20 most

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