Cape knitted in ethno-style

Cape knitted in ethno-style

Pelerina in stil etnoKnitted Cape with gradient. It is a warm and comfortable jacket.
Size: Standard
Bust circumference: 150 cm;
Length: 75 cm;
You will need:
400 g thread in shades of Brown gradient (53% wool, 47% acrylic, 400m/100g);
Knitting needles no. 4;
Circular knitting needles no. 3.5 and no. 4 length 120 cm
Knitting needles for socks Set No.4;
Crochet no.4
A helpful knitting needle.

Knitwear density: 20 mesh x 26 rows = 10×10 cm;
Knitting explanation:
The Cape will be knit from Center with the help of andrelelor for socks.

Front: Andrea 6 is mounted on a mesh. Meshes are divided on 3 knitting needles for socks and close the circle. First of all the meshes are circular front tricotează, then after the No.1. The report presented in the schema will be repeated 6 times.

After 55 rows knitted, the 240 meshes are closed.
Further, croșeta will be 6 feet with circular rows jeteu, in the first foot of the previous row with jeteu will croșeta 3 mesh chain hoist.
In the second row of circular, from either side of the eye with double inclination of circular motif, Add 1 eye (croșetează = 2 feet with jeteu in the previous row's eye). Just proceed and in rows 4 and 6, from both sides of the piciorușului with the jeteu added in turn add 6×2 mesh = 276 feet with jeteu.
Andrelele's no. 4 mounts 25 mesh and model tricotează torsade de pointes, When the detail will measure 160 cm = 414 times, without the abbreviated, all stitches will close. Sew the edges of the circular motif detail.
ethno cloak scheme
Then the edge detail, andrelele's circular No. 4 mounts 414 tricotează elastic mesh and 2×1 (2 knit stitches, 1 purl stitch). After 7 rows knitted, It will double the number of meshes in dos ( It tricotează 1st eye dos, andreaua is introduced in the same eye located one row down and one eye still dos tricotează) = 552 meshes, the elastic tricotează 2×2 3 cm.
Above the Central petal close 40 mesh, The rows are knit round trip, and to rounded in every second row is closed from either side 1×5 stitches, 1×3 stitches, 1×2 stitches, 1×1 stitch.
In the next front row, all stitches will close.

Back: You will knit as front side excluding throat rascroielii.
Police car games 2×2 tricotează is 4.5 cm.
Above the Central petal clinging 52 meshes, The rows are knit round trip, and to rounded in every second row is closed from either side 1×3 stitches and 1×2 stitches. In the next front row, all stitches will close.

Finishing: The line of the shoulder seams, approximately 25 cm from the sides of the neck rascroielii.

The Collar: With circular No. andrelele 3.5, on the edge of the neck is mounted rascroielii 136 tricotează and elastic stitches 2×2- 5 cm. Then, with andrelele No. 4 is still 17 cm elastic tricotează 2×2, then the stitches are closed.

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  • Very beautiful models, and light, I wish you much health and happy knitting! !!

    Andrei Sara 6 November, 2016 8:30 pm

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