Hat with ruffles and butterfly

Hat with ruffles and butterfly

Hat with ruffles and butterflyHead circumference: 44-45 cm (Were you one an);
You will need:
50 g fir alb Iris;
Crochet no.1.25.
Some small beads butterfly.

Work description:

Varful palariutei: Consists of 11 randuri.Se sweater chain of 10 stitches and closes in a circle. After the diagram will crochet. Among 12 feet with jeteu will crochet in each eye from previous row. Legs with jeteu will be croseta under the arch and only where they coincide with peak jeteu of the Pew marveled previously will be croseta in the eye of the row above.
Palariutei tip diameter should be 11-11.5 cm.
volanase and Palariuta with schema1 flyer
After 12 will turn right croseta (c palariutei), scheme no. 2.
Scheme no. 12 will be croseta 13 rows. Among the 14 croseta picioruse with jeteu, among 15, 16, rows 17-1, 2, and 3 of Schedule 2 and among 18 which is least – feet with yarn over.
The Calotte is 14 cm length, width-22 cm (hand over hand).

Palariutei edges:
Row 1:1 eye lifting chain, * 3 picioruse without jeteu in 3 meshes of the row above, 5 chain stitches, be skipped next 4 stitches of the previous row *, it's repeat *-*. The row will end with 1 foot of touch and it will croseta another one for us to move in the direction of the presser foot without central jeteu of the 3 of the row above.
Row 2:1 eye lifting chain, * 8 picioruse without jeteu in arca in 5 chain stitches, 1piciorus without piciorusul without jeteu jeteu in the central of three of the previous row *, it's repeat *-*.

Volanasele: Thanks to volanaselor, palariuta keeps its perfect forms.Palariuta with volanase and schema2 flyer
For their realization have been crochet 3 lines with picioruse with jeteu, the first coincides with the 12th row crochet right after the peak palariutei, second among 14 coincides with the Calotte and 3rd among 18 of the sea.
Each volanas consists of 3 lines. Among the picioruse with jeteu – represents the volanaselor. Volanasului wave go over 2 picioruse, in this way volansele will be more prominent
Row 1: Picioruse no jeteu to be croseta over the row with jeteu in zigzag marveled. Each section of the zigzagului consists of 4 picioruse without jeteu to be croseta around the presser foot with jeteu.

Among the 3 with volanse, that will be achieved under the edges of the palariutei, It will position the zigzagul so the wave volanasului to pass under the arch, not under the picioruse without jeteu- otherwise the work would twist inwards. In the other 2 rows of volanase, zigzagul will be randomly.
Row 2: 3 chain-mesh for easy lifting, * 1 piciorus with Jeter, omitted 1 eye of previous row *, it's repeat *-*.spending time with family hareez
Row 3: Picioruse without jeteu in each eye of the row above (more precisely atop the presser foot with the jeteu and under the Arch of the row above).

The other 2 rows with croseta will be similar to volanase after the above description to volanaselor.
Thompson will croseta after the No. 3. Fluturasului body will embellish with beads.
Thompson finished it will sew on palariuta (see picture).

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  • If you want for 50 cm circumference how do?, make it a diamond in addition to schema?

    Anonymous 7 April, 2014 10:37 pm
  • Of, can a rhombus or croseta to increase the number of meshes in the lat of the diamonds.

    Nina 8 April, 2014 7:14 am

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