Overalls with black spots

Overalls with black spots

Salopeta cu pete negreAge: 6 months;
– 250 g fire orange ( 50% wool, 50% acrylic, 180 m/100 g) and a few grams of white and black;
– 12 buttons;
– Knitting needles no. 3.
Knitwear density: Ochiuri 25 x 31 = 10 x 10 cm randuri.

Work description:
Right and left leg of the trousers: It mounts on the andrea white wire mesh 25 2 edge stitches and 2 cm tricoteaza 1 eye girl, 1 purl stitch, after that point will be knit jersey with orange color thread. To neckline cracked, among the both sides add 1 x 1 eye, and every 6th row adds 3 x 1 eye. When touching the seam length cracul 14 cm, andrea pass a mesh helpful. Similar to knit and the other leg.

Back: Andrea Take the left half of the mesh cracked, 3 stitches, half right and cracked mesh jersey knit point. At a distance of 30 cm from Inc.. the work of both sides to subtract 1 eye, then * every 2nd row subtracted 2 x 1 eye and every 4th row 1 x 1 * eye, Repeat *-* 2 times.
At a distance of 38 cm from the beginning of the work, for rascroila manecilor close in on both sides by 3 eyelets and every 2nd row 1 x 2 and 3 x 1 mesh eyes. At 49 cm from the beginning of the work, close 16 stitches in the Middle, and in the second row from the inner edge 1 x 3 hook eyelets. When you reach a length of 50 cm all the stitches close.

The right and left front: Andrea is mounted on the remaining half of stitches and knit cracked as dot jersey. Until neckline , drops will make meshes from left to right as it is described in the rear, and from right to left will knit without decreases. The left front part will knit symmetrical with the right.
Next will relizat neckline. At a distance of 46 cm from the beginning of the work, 2. close eyelets. For a round shape from the internal edge will close every 2nd row 1 x 3 mesh, 2 x 2 stitches, 1 x 1 stitch. The remaining stitches will close at a distance of 50 cm from the beginning of the work.

The sleeves: It mounts on the andrea white wire-meshed 39 2 tricoteaza mesh edge and a beaded headband 2 cm 1 eye girl, 1 purl stitch. It changes the wire, adding in 2 of both sides 1 stitch, After every second row 2 x 1 eye and every 4th row 4 x 1 eye. At a distance of 13 cm from the beginning of the work, close both sides of the 3 eyelets, every 2nd row 5 x 2 mesh, 1 x 3 stitches, 1 x 4 stitches. The remaining stitches close to the distance of 18 inches from the beginning of the work.

Finishing: The forming shoulder unitard cart. On the edge of the neck is mounted on the rascroielii andrea wired color orange 60 mesh and lazy point 2.5 cm tricoteaza. On each side of seam left left cracul and right front part trousers as it mounts cracul every 100 mesh and lazy point 2.5 cm tricoteaza. On the right front, When bentitei length is 1.5 cm will achieve 6 equal distances to the lacing to one another, the first being located 1 cm below the top edge of the salopetei.

Two zipped pockets but no edge on the back it will mount on every 50 ochuri and andrea will knit a woven headband bandwidth 2, lazy point 5 cm, the width of 1, 5 cm on each side of the rear two zipped pockets but will accomplish three lacing.
The cart other details. The wings will sew with black thread a few random spots.
spotted jumpsuit scheme

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