Poncho with hood

poncho with hood

poncho cu glugaSize: 56/62;68/74;80/86.
Materials needed:
– 300/400/550 g purple wire (50% poliamid, 25% wool, 25% poliacril, 66m/50g);
– 50 g of pink yarn (45% poliacril, 25 % lana, 35% clorofibra, 136 m/50 g)
– Knitting needles and knitting needles for socks No.5 No.5.
Thread density: Ochiuri 17 x 32 = 10 x 10 cm randuri.

Right: Mounted 96/124/146 purple wire mesh and will knit mesh edge point between lazy.
From the right, every 2nd row will end * 1 x 2 eyelets, 10/10/12 1 x ochi, is Repeta * of 1/2/2 the ori, 1x 2 x 1 11/11/13 ochiuri if ochi.
From the left, every 2nd row will end * 1 x 2 eyelets, 10/10/12 1 x ochi, is Repeta * of 1/2/2 the ori, 1x 2 x 1 16/17/20 ochiuri if ochi.
At same time, After 22/29/34 cm from the first, for the neckline, from the right side will end 1 x 5/7/7 stitches in every second row 2 x 3-3 x 2 and 1 x 3 mesh/mesh and 5 x 2 eyelets/1×5, 1×4, 1×3 and 3×2 stitches.
After 25/33/38 cm from the first all meshes must be closed.
The left side will knit symmetrical with the right.

Right half of the hood: It mounts with mauve 22/27/34 stitches and knit the stitches between the lazy point edge.
After the first 3.5 cm, It will add from left side 1×1 eye and every 8th row 0/2/2 x 1 eye and every 6th row 4/2/2 eye x 1.
After 18/20/20 cm from the first, from the left it will end 1 x 1 eye and every 2nd row 4×1 stitch.
After 21/23/23 cm from the first stitches remaining ends.
Left half will knit hood symmetrical with the right.

False pockets: It mounts with mauve 14/15/16 stitches and knit 2 cm lazy point, then mesh ends.

Finishing: Center back seam is done (A)schema poncho cu gluga-senpolia and center front seam (B), leaving sewn first 7 cm from the top edge of the opening. Is done back stitch will sew the hood and cowl neck edge rascroielii.
The parties on the opening and forming the front edge of the hood is mounted on needles for socks 96/104/104 purple wire mesh and will knit 2 cm point lazy. Short edges of the aperture will be placed one above the other with the right top and will sew. False pockets are sewn diagonally (see picture).
Pink yarn is confectioneaza2 laces length 20 cm and two tassels. Pind is the top braid tassels. Will sew shoes with tassels at the ends before rascroielii neck (see picture).

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