Raincoat and beret

Raincoat and beret

Pardesiu si beretaAge: 5-6 years;
– 550 g butter colored thread ( 41% acril, 41% polyester, 18% poliamid, 100 g/220 m);
– 100 g wired the same color and composition beret;
– 100 g white wire effect (100% poliamid, 50 g / 150 m);
– Two bows with a diameter of 6 cm and 61 bows with the thread diameter of 4 cm effect;
– Bodkins with cord No.4;
– 5 needles for socks No.4;
– Crochet no.4;
Knitwear density: 15 stitches x 28 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Beret: Mount on bodkin, colored wire butter, 8 eyelets and tricoteaza model in scheme no. 1- 50 cm, then close the stitches. Along the strip of knitted rises on andrea 112 stitches and tricoteaza point Jersey 8 cm, then the stitches are divided into 8 equal parts. At the beginning of each second row will decrease 1 stitch will be closed until all stitches. Each drop will be above the previous.
The sides of the cap Cart. On the edges of bentitei will be 2 rows picioruse croseta without jeteu corded white effect. Atop the Beret is sewn a mot of diameter 4 cm.

Coat: It mounts 96 meshes andrelele wired with cord effect and tricoteaza 7 cm 1 eye girl, 1 purl stitch. Then, the stitches will be split into 6 parts, How many 16 stitches in each side and will continue with the butter-colored thread. Each Party shall just knit: 3 stitches front, 13 mesh model in diagram no. 2. The Parties shall extend as follows: in every second row of both sides will add 1 eye. At a distance of 41 cm from beginning work all stitches close.

Edges overcoat will finish like this: It mounts on the 10 wire mesh andrea effect and will knit lazy point until we arrive at the perimeter length skirt pardesiului. Banda sew the foot overcoat, Fold it in half and sew on the inside. The same can be done with the neckline banda.
In the space between the two sides of the neckline band will pass a wire lace effect (1 chain consisting of picioruse without jeteu with a length of 1 m). The siret heads will grab those 2 lump with a diameter of 6 cm.
From the foothills of the pardesiului are going to sew the remaining moturile with a diameter of 4 cm.
Description of the symbols set out in Schedule 1 and 2 can be found HERE
topcoat and beret schematic

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