African violets keeping conditions. Optimum temperature

the temperature optima of African violets

temperatura optima violete africaneUsambara, the interest of the African violetei, It is a mountainous region, temperature 20-23 ° С average daily.

In spite of his African origin, Saintpaulia prefer a moderate temperature and a place away from direct sunlight to grow and develop.

In order to create a favourable environment for the collection of violets, a room thermometer is absolutely necessary. The thermometer will be in the right position at the same level as the ghivecelor leaves of plants.

For seedlings, seedlings or chicken Valentine, We recommend the optimum temperature maintenance of 24-25 ° С, and if they place on specially designed shelves, the top shelf is the best.

Close to the period of prosperity, Violets prefer a temperature of 20-24 ° c. The higher the temperature is close to the lower limit, the largest will be the flowers and the longest period of prosperity.
For violets for deliveries at long distances, acidss indicated is 10-16 ° c.

The temperature of the water will squirt violets should be approximately equal to that of the air in the room, even in a case of less than 15 ° c or above 30 ° c.

Maintaining optimal temperature during the summer is difficult in hot weather, especially if African violets are placed on the shelves with fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps provide extra warmth).

If the room temperature is higher than 27 ° c, they suffer not only residents but also the violets.

In their own interest as well as the collection of violets, It is desirable that during hot weather to use the facilities of air conditioning to keep the room temperature in normal range.
It should be kept in mind, however, that these air conditioning dries the air in the room.

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