African violets classification by the shape and size of rosette

classification of African violets

clasificare senpolia

African violets classification is made according to:

3.Pedunculi floral;

African violets belong to the category of plants with one or more rosettes.
Shape and dimensions of the rozetei African violets are divided into two major categories::

African 1.Violete with one wheel;
2.Violete africane trailer.


Usually the plant with a rosette symmetry plays an important role - a uniform development and growth of the leaves around the stem.

Violet chickens that grow and develop between the armpits will remove in time to development of the rosette symmetric.

African Violets with a single rosette is classified into the following categories depending on the diameter of the rosette:

Type of violet

The plate diameter


5-10 cm


Up to 15 cm


15-20 cm


20-40 cm


Over 40 cm

Varieties of violets, the spinner who surpasses with little diameter 20 cm, standard varieties are also called compact or small standard.

African violets trailer differ from the others by the simple fact that the violets have more points of growth or rosettes and a strain more lengthened. There are about 500 such varieties.

The literature trailer violets are divided into two major groups:

– purple shrub shaped trailer;
– purple miniature trailer.


Between armpits violets trailer shaped leaves form a large shrub chicken, which in turn grow and give birth to other chicks. The final result an African violet in a ball that has spread far beyond the edges of the pot.

Violets miniature trailer have elongated stems. Over strain simultaneously develops two or more shoots that hangs over the edges of the pot. Shoots are quite long and because of this African violet is well grown and maintained in hanging pots or specially designed shelves.

Since African violets have more rosettes trailer, classification by size rosette is quite complicated. Following, this type of violet are classified according to size leaves:

Type of violet

Leaf size


06-1.2 cm


1.2-2.5 cm


2.5-3.8 cm


3.8-5 cm and over

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