Acarianul Parasitiformes

mite parasitiformes

Acarianul parasitiformesIt is a new mite who do not know too much information.
The behavior of this mite, form oualor, how and where they are deposited suggests that we are dealing with a partially parasitic mite herbivore. Most likely is a representative mite family Ascoidea.

Where to look?
Their presence is usually detected small white spots on flower petals, The bare and dry crusts of mites that shedding, easily found in the holes on the wave of flowers.
Parasitiformes Acarianul isi lay their eggs in the flower buttons on the top villus parted from the pistil. Actually, This is the place where this parasite favorite.
In a contaminated buds usually are populated with 5-7 together with mites eggs deposited by them, which can reach up to tens.
Ouale acarianului parasitiformes | Senpolia
May Parasitiformes mite parasite growth in chickens point flower, formed in the leaves and stems. Not much here, nor bring great damage plant, probably because air umeditatii. Like other mites, it does not support the dry air.
Although there are small, with a length of 0.1 mm is moving pretty fast. The first pair of feet in front is not involved in daily walking. One flew through the air mite, feeling for area planted.
Color and body shape are similar to those of mite transparent greenhouse, Parasitiformes mite be a bit darker. From the top of the abdomen on top glossy stripe is observed that reaches to the middle abdomen. Abdomen is smooth and glossy surface.
Unlike other mites, locomotor limbs are well developed and proportional (compared with those of transparent mite). Eggs are shiny, transparent and are stored only on the top of the villi.

Acarianul Parasitiformes in actiune

If I found a flower contaminated, it is desirable to research and buds ajar nearby.
This mite control methods are similar to those used with the other mites. It is recommended that the buds are removed from the plant contaminated. After the plant was treated, points on the leaf and the plant growth spray a solution of water and shampoo zoo to keep longer that plant acaricide solution was treated. Under greenhouse will be used Actel's.

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