Blouse with lilies pattern

Crosetata patterned blouse lilies

Size: 38;
You will need:
250 g Forever yarn (100% micro fiber acrylic, 300 m/50g);
Crochet no.1,2.

Explanation crocheting:
For the beginning, it will be done a pattern in natural size.
The blouse is crochet from the top down.
Is crocheted a chain of 66 cm lenght.
Chain closes in circle and crochet after scheme no.2 (the report is repeated 2 times).

After 17 cm crocheted, for the neckline sleeves, leave from both sides by 18 cm free.
Further, the back and front part are knit separately.tipar bluza cu model criniSchema bluza cu model crini
Will crochet model from scheme no, 2 – by 3 cm.

Then, the back and the front part will knit as a single detail with circular rows, according to the scheme no.2.
After 34 cm crocheted from the neckline sleeves, the blouse will finished.
The edges of the sleeves will finish with 1 row single crochet.

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