Top crocheted in corners

Top corners

Size: 38/40;
Bust circumference: 88-92 cm;
Necessary Material:
By 100 g Alpina Lily white yarn, pink and light green (100% cotton, 50 g/175 m);
Crochet no.. 3;
0.5 m elastic with floral applique by width 1.5 cm;
44 red sequins.

Explanation crocheting:
Crochet 44 reasons after the scheme.
The reasons will join together when crocheting the last row of the motif, according to the pattern.schema top in colturi

Alternating colors when crocheting reason: Rows 1-3 will crochet with pink yarn, rows 4-5 with green yarn, row 6 with white yarn.
The dimensions of the crocheted motif are 10 x 10 cm.

Finishing: It is cut into two elastic and secured to the top like straps (see picture). In the middle of each reason will sew a sequin.

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