Sarafan “mother's little girl”

sarafan pentru "fetita mamei"

sarafan pentru fetita mamei
Age: 3-6 months;
Materials needed:
– thread "Opal" (1 bobina lull 470m);
– crochet nr.2.5;
– 4 buttons.

Work description:
Row 1: It is a chain of 45 stitches sweater.
Rows 2-4: * 15 feet with one eye jeteu chain, * 2 is Repeta ori, 15 feet with jeteu. Obtained a 2 cu setting Gauri.
Row 5: Every eye sweater each 4 feet by jeteu- get a volanas highlighted. The thread will be cut at the end of the row.

Fustita: Binds the thing under the eye hole (they were crocheted in rows 1,2,3 and 4 by 15 feet with jeteu) and crocheting in one eye by 2 feet with jeteu to the next hole. It will crochet in this way still 15 times. The first part is crosetata.
schema sarafan pentru fetita mamei
The second part will be similar to the first knit. Both sides are cos. Sewing two buttons on a strap and two on the other.

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