White beret with flowers

bereta melanj cu floricele

bereta melanj cu floriceleHead circumference: 52-54 cm;

You will need:

– 100 g FIR mixture Crazy Baby (80% microfiber, 20% polyamide, 315m/100g);

– A few grams for popcorn blue thread;

– croseta No.2;

Work description:
schema bereta melanj cu floricele
It is a chain of 10 stitches sweater and circle closes. In the center of the circle is 21 feet with a sweater jeteu, then it will croseta scheme no.1.

After the croseta picioruse without jeteu, realizing the downfalls of meshes (every fifth, the 7th and 10th century eye) circular, up to the need of beret.

When will crochet as 3-5 times.

The bottom of bentitei beret will finish with blue thread, crocheting feet without jeteu model "pico".

With blue yarn will crochet two flowers after scheme No.2 and cart on the front of the beret as it is shown in the picture.

Center will accessorize with beaded flowers.

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