Crocheted blue beret

solving bleu crosetata

bereta bleu crosetataHead circumference: 50-52 cm;

You will need:

– 75 g fir bleu (90% lana, 10% acrylic, 106m/25g);

– croseta No.2;

Work description:

The sweater chain of 4 stitches and closes the circle. In the center of the circle is 8 feet without jeteu sweater. Among the legs with jeteu next number will double = 16 feet without jeteu.

It will continue crocheting in spiral evenly in each row adding circular schema bereta bleu crosetataas 8 feet with jeteu.

When the diameter of the circle is equal to 27 cm will crochet 3 rows model shown in Scheme, then two rows feet without jeteu, and each following row will drop every 5th and 7th each eye to the necessary size of the Beret.

The bottom of bentitei will finish with the model "pico".

The beret will accesoriza with beads or other applications at will.

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