Mint color sweater

Mint color sweater

Size: 38;
You will need:
350 g of yarn color mint Purple (100% cotton, 282 m/50g);
Crochet no. 2.5.

Explanation crocheting:
Sweater will be knit in two threads, circular, as a single detail up to neckline armholes.

The elastic: Crochet a chain of 14 stitches. Crochet 96 cm with half double crochet from the back of the stitch. Sew the edges of the elastic. On the top edge of the elastic, crochet a row double crochet. Further will be crochet according to the scheme no.1.
After 27 cm crocheted from elastic, the detail is divided into two parts: front side and back side. Further each side will be crochet separately.

Back: On the horizontal, crochet 27 reports of the basic model shown in diagram no.1.
After the knitting of the 21 reports on the vertical, it will crochet the neckline according to the pattern.
After 41 cm from the elastic, the detail will finish.scheme pulover de culoarea menteitipar pulover de culoarea mentei

Front: On the horizontal it will crochet after scheme no.1 in the following way: 14 reports the base model, the central strip of torsade, 14 reports the base model. After knitting the 7 vertical reports, it will crochet the neckline according to the pattern.
After 41 cm crocheted from elastic, the detail will finish.

The sleeve: It will fix the working thread to the neckline sleeve and will crochet circular pattern from diagram no.2. Starting with row 3 will be decreasing stitches in each row according to the scheme no.3. After 24 cm crocheted (15 reports on the vertical), the detail will finish.

Finishing: Perform the seam on the shoulder line. Edge of the neckline will finish with 1 row drum seam, crocheting more tightly on the central strip with torsades.

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