Hemstitch sleeve blouse

Hemstitch sleeve blouse

Bluza cu maneca ajurA light blouse, two colorful t-shirt.
Size: 38/40 (42/44) 46/48;
You will need:
300 (350) 400 g pink yarn and 200 (250) 250 g orange Laguna yarn (80% viscose, 20% silk, 77 m/50 g);
Straight and circular knitting needles nr. 5.
Knitwear density: 16,5 stitches x 27 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Knitting explanation:
Back: with pink yarn mount on needle 95 (103) 111 stitches and knit first back row all with knit stitches. This row will not take into account. Next it will knit as follows: 1 edge stitch, 35 (39) 43 purl stitches jersey (in front rows stitches are knit purl, in back rows stitches are knit-knit stitches), 23 stitches model from scheme 1, 35 (39) 43 purl stitches jersey, 1 edge stitch.

After every 14 rows knitted will change the color of the yarn. First row with yarn changed will be front row and will be knit with all stitches - knit stitches.
After 41,5 cm = 112 rows (44,5 cm = 120 rows) 47,5 cm = 128 knitted rows, for the shoulder line close from both parties 4 (5) 6 stitches and on every 2nd row 5 х 4 stitches (3 х 5 and 2 x 4 stitches) 5 х 5 stitches.
At same time, After 43,5 cm = 118 rows (46,5 cm = 126 rows) 49,5 cm = 134 rows knitted from the first row, for neckline sleeve close 29 stitches from center and each side will be knit separately.
schema bluza ajur
To round the neckline, in every second row will be closed from the central stitches 1 х 3 stitches and 1 x 2 stitches.
After 46 cm = 124 rows (49 cm = 132 rows) 52 cm = 140 rows from the first row close those 4 (4) 5 remaining stitches for the shoulder.

Front: You will knit as the back except for neckline.
After 37 cm = 100 rows (40 cm = 108 rows) 43 cm = 116 rows from the first row close 17 stitches from center and in every second row , from neckline will close 1 х 3 stitches, 2 х 2 stitches and 4 х 1 stitch.

Sleeve: Will knit with pink yarn. Mount on needle 42 (50) 58 stitches and knit first row with all stitches - knit stitches. Next you will knit hemstitch pattern from diagram no. 2. In diagram no. 2 are presented front and back rows. Row starts with 1 edge stitch, the report repeats and ends with 1 edge stitch. Repeat rows 1-4.

On every 6th and 8th row, alternatively, will add from both sides 5 x 1 stitch = 52 (60) 68 stitches. The added stitches will be included in knitting pattern.
After 21 cm = 46 rows from first row, close all the stitches.

Finishing: Makes seams details. From the edge of the neckline, on circular knitting needles, mount with pink yarn 80 stitches and knit 3 circular rows with knit stitches, after which the stitches will easily close.

Comments to Hemstitch sleeve blouse

  • Hello, I started knitting this blouse, I really like it a lot, but I am confused about instructions for knitting the shoulder line and the neckline. When you say to close in every 2nd row 5×4 stitches, does that mean that I should close 5 stitches in every 2nd row for 4 rows, or 4 stitches in every 2nd row for 5 rows? So, which of the two numbers stand for the number of stitches and which for the number of rows? I hope that you can understand my question, I am really new to knitting, and this is my first big project.

    Also, when you say to ”close those 4(4)5 remaining stitches for the shoulder”, does that mean that on both sides I should have only 5 stitches left, after all the shaping?

    I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions. Thank you very much in advance, and thank you for the wonderful pattern.

    Jekica 10 May, 2015 7:33 pm
  • Hi! I'm glad that my website is helpful to you. I'll try to answer your questions.
    1. For knitting the shoulder line and neckline you must bind off in every second row 5×4 stitches. Every second row means the row on the right side, so you must bind off, 4 stitches each on both sides as follows: in the second row = 8 stitches bind off (4 stitches at the beginning of the row and 4 stitches at the end of the row), in the fourth row – 8 stitches, in the sixth row = 8 stitches, in the eighth row = 8 stitches, in the tenth row = 8 stitches.
    2. Yes, you should have 5 stitches left each shoulder, after all the shaping.
    If you have any questions I will be happy to help you. Sorry for my English. Have a nice day!

    Nina 11 May, 2015 7:11 pm
  • Thank you! Your answer really helped me. Thanks a lot 🙂

    Jekica 17 May, 2015 12:07 pm

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