Crocheted blouse

Crocheted blouse

Bluza crosetataA crocheted blouse with a steering wheel effect at the base of the neck.
Bust circumference: 78 cm.
Length of detail: 55 cm.
Knitwear density: 30 chain stitches = 10 cm.

Explanation crocheting:
Front and rear side: croșetează is a chain of 121 mesh.

Then you will knit rows 1-65 of Schedule No. 1, with all the additions and mesh declines under.

The steering wheel at the base of the neck.
Croșetează is a chain of 264 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle.
The tricotează rows 1-11 shown in diagram no. 2.
Fragment Schema1 Bluza crosetataTipar Bluza crosetataSchema2 Bluza crosetataSchema1 Bluza crosetata
The side seams of the width-wise.

Sew the neck edge of the steering wheel rascroielii on the front and back.

It will let loose (do not sew) a sufficient length of the loose ends of the wheel for (see picture).

Edge stitching at the base of the neck will be introduced to croșetând arcades of the last lines of Schedule No. 2.
With these arcade will trim and bottom edge width-wise.

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  • Thank you for letting us see it in english many patterns are free but unable to understand.

    Peggy Failing 31 July, 2019 9:05 pm

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