Kimono sleeve sweater

Kimono sleeve sweater

Size: 36 — 42;
You will need:
450 g fir mocco (color code 11) Cashsilk Lana Grossa (40% polyamide, 15% cashmere, 15% silk, 75m/50 g);
The knitting needles no.9;
Circular knitting needles no.9 length 80 cm.
Knitwear density: 11,5 stitches x 16 rows knitted with the pattern from the sleeve = 10 x 10 cm.

Band on the side: The first stitch of each row will be knitted as twisted front stitch. The last stitch of each row will be taken on the working needle as the back stitch, the thread passes before the stitch.
Model from the sleeves: It will knit according to the diagram. The figures on the left show the purl rows, those on the right – front rows. Start with knitting the ratio between arrows. The addition of stitches from both sides will be made on account of the jets presented in the scheme. In the next front row or back, the jets will be knitted as twisted front stitch or twisted back stitch. Knitting rows 1-92, then repeat rows 91 and 92.

Knitting explanation:
The sweater is knitted in two details, starting at the sleeve. The arrow on the pattern shows the direction of knitting. Details join in the middle of the front and back.
Knitting the sweater will start from the left sleeve. Mount 25 stitches on the needle and knit 2 cm = 4 rows with jersey point, starting with row 1 of the scheme.Schema Pulover cu maneci kimono

Then knit the pattern from the scheme, starting with row 5, adding 10 stitches with the help of jets = 35 stitches.
Further, in each front row until row 14 will be added 5 times before and after 19 stitches from the center 1 stitch from the jets. In the 16th row, 10 stitches will be subtracted by knitting several stitches together according to the scheme. In this way will be realized the model on the sleeve that will resemble a fan.
Repeat 6 more times according to the scheme. After row 69 at the beginning of the job, before and after those 19 stitches from the centre will be 40 stitches. Sleeve is knitted.

Further it will knit according to the scheme, knit and side strips according to the scheme and pass the stitches on the circular needles.
Next it will knit straight front and back. Continue with the knitting of the pattern from the scheme to the neckline, making additions and decreases imposed by scheme. Knitting is continued with the lateral bands. In row 89 = purl row, 9 stitches are crossing from the center to left(see scheme) and subtract one stitch as described.

In row 90, for neckline stitches are divided into two in the middle and each side (49 stitches) are knitted separatly, continuing with knitting the lateral band. After 12.5 cm = 20 rows from dividing the stitches, stitches are pass on a helpful knitting needle. Similarly proceed with the second part. The first half of the sweater is knitted.

Similarly will knit and the second half of the sweater, starting with right sleeve. In row 89 are crossing 9 from the center to right, the first 5 are taken on a helpful knitting needle after work, 4 knit stitches, 5 front stitches from the helpful knitting needle, 1 will decrease 1 stitch. It will continue knitting as the first half.

Finishing: The details are wet, ironing easier. Both details are placed upside down in front of the above. It will unite the Central details. It will knit together front 1 stitch from the left front side with 1 stitch from the right front side, while closing them on the results.
It is made of the side seams of the sleeves.

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