Boho hemstitch sweater

Boho hemstitch sweater

Size: 36-40 (42-46) 48-50;
You will need:
550 (600) 650 g pink yarn Secondo Lana Grossa (55% cotton, 25% polyamide, 20% silk, 125 m/50 g); Knitting needles no. 3,5 and no. 4;
Circular knitting needles no. 3,5 and no.4 length 60 cm.
Knitwear density: The base model with knitting needles no. 4: 23,5 stitches x 35,5 rows = 10 х 10 cm;

Knitting techniques:
The edge with the node: The first stitch of each row is taken on the needle as knit stitch, and the last stitch of each row will be knit as knit stitch.
The basic model: It will knit according to the diagram. The figures on the right edge of the diagram indicates the front rows, the ones on the left, back rows. In the back rows, douyble yarn over will knit according to the explanation of the scheme. On the length, will start knitting with the stitches before the arrow 1, the report repeats the format of 8 stitches, and end the row with stitches after the arrow 2.
On height, repeat rows 1-8.

Knitting explanation:
Back: On the knitting needles no. 3,5 cast on 192 (200) 208 stitches and knit 1,5 cm = 3 rows jersey point, the first row being back row with all stitches purl, and the edges of the detail being with the knot.
Further, with knitting needles no.4 will knit the basic pattern.
After 36 (38) 40 cm = 128 (136) 142 rows from the band with the jersey point, is fixed from both sides by one marker, which indicates neckline sleeves. Will knit straight.
After 16 (18) 20 cm = 56 (64) 72 rows from the neckline sleeves, are closed on from both sides for the shoulder by 69 (73) 77 stitches and those 54 stitches from the middle for the neckline.
Schema Pulover ajur boho
Front: It will knit as the back, but with the neckline rounded.
After 9 (11) 13 cm = 32 (40) 48 rows from the neckline sleeves will close 22 stitches from center and each side will be knit separately. From neckline will close in every 2nd row 1 х 4 stitches and 6 х 2 stitches.
After 7 cm = 24 rows from the beginning neckline will close of those 69 (73) 77 stitches for the shoulder line.

The sleeve. It is realizing the seam on the shoulder line. The sleeves are knit from the top down, in the direction indicated by the arrow.
On circular knitting needles.4 cast on 79 (89) 98 stitches = 32 (36) 40 cm and knit with jersey point, the first row being back row with all stitches purl.
Tipar Pulover ajur boho
In every 4th row, from the beginning of the sleeve, is decreased from both sides 1 stitch, then in every 8th row 4 х 1 stitch = 69 (79) 88 stitches.
After 12,5 cm = 40 rows from beginning of sleeve are knit with jersey point another 1,5 cm = 3 rows with knitting needles no. 3,5. After that the stitches are closed loosely.

Finishing: Side seams are carried out, the sleeve seams.
On the circular knitting needles no. 3,5 is cast on the edge of the neckline of the back side 54 stitches and 72 stitches on the edge of the front part = 126 stitches and knit 4 circular rows with a jersey point. The stitches are bind off slightly.

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